Oppo gaming: tips for an immersive experience

With new and more powerful smartphones, people are using their phones to play games. Here’s how Oppo provides gaming advice

Increasingly video game lovers have switched to using smartphone, instead of PC and console, for practicality e comfort: in fact, the ability to access games favorites at any time and place is undoubtedly the benefit most appreciated by today’s gamers.

The global video game industry has registered a trend in growth in 2020, reaching 135,8 billions of dollars and is expected to register one by 2025 annual growth of +10,2% level world. Italy also shows one of the taxi of annual growth higher (+ 10.6%), starting from a turnover of approx 1.7 billion dollars.

OPPO, one of the leading brands in the smart device sector, on the occasion of the launch of the latest Series A device, shares i 5 tips to get the maximum of the gaming performance with the Oppo A94 smartphone.

Oppo gaming: tips for an immersive experience

Oppo gaming: make the most of the features

Game mode options are designed to help maximize the experience without distractions resulting from the use of a smartphone and for this they must not be underestimated. OPPO A94 owns Game Focus Mode which limit distractions, including notifications, allowing the user to to dive completely in the game, and Game Floating Window which allows you to to maintain the game running in a floating window so you can monitor it and return to play at any time.

Playing with the drums always at the top

One of features more important is the autonomy of the device. When the battery drops below a certain percentage, the smartphone can automatically switch to “energy saving” per limit them the consumption, starting at reallocate the resources and leading to a notable drop in performance of the gaming session. For this reason, play with one full battery is always ideal. OPPO A94 includes a powerful battery e reliable gives 4310mAh and the innovative system OPPO VOOC 30W which allows you to get in just five minutes of charging 2 hours of gaming session.

Always use a pair of wireless headphones

When it comes to immersive gaming experience, l’audio it is a component important so much how much l’image. For this reason the wireless earphones I’m a great accessory to take advantage of a excellent audio quality, distraction-free and immersive, as well as a freedom of movement. OPPO Enco Air are the new earphones True Wireless Stereo of OPPO with cancellation clever of the noise on call, supported by AI and the innovative Advanced Audio Coding that offer quality of HD sound it’s a comfort long lasting.

Oppo gaming: play at full bandwidth

Smartphone gaming is at its best when it can be exploit a rete wireless, but also the connection 4G / 5G offers great satisfactions to video game lovers from mobile. OPPO A94, with 5G connectivity ultra fast, it is equipped with the Dual Network Channel function which accelerates the connection connecting to the network Wi-Fi e 4G/5G, especially useful when in a crowded environment where the Wi-Fi signal is weak. Additionally, the System Performance Optimizer reduces the possibility of lag of 18% compared to previous generations, one perfect function for all gamers plus demanding.

Play in “immersive” mode

For a vera gaming experience, the display it must be extremely immersive: large, bright, sharp colors and good viewing angle. Also not to be underestimated optimal minimum size, at least 5.2 ″.

OPPO A94, in fact, owns the display Super AMOLED FHD+ gives 6,4″ with 90.8% screen-to-body ratio e Punch-Hole gives 3,7mm, perfect for playing games, which also thanks to the range of colors sharp and brilliant, guarantees an experience unmatched. Plus, with ColorOS Efficiency 3.0 it’s even more easy use the functions smartphone in fast and fluid way.

Oppo gaming: tips for an immersive experience

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