Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

Resident Evil Village is now available on shelves all over the world and today we want to explain to you how to survive the attack of the monstrous Lycans at the beginning of the game

The new chapter of the most famous horror saga of all time (find our review here) takes us directly in Romania, dove Ethan, Mia and daughter Rosemary they moved after the events of Resident Evile Biohazard. But one night, Chris Redfield and a squad of soldiers raid their home, kidnapping Ethan. Our protagonist loses consciousness to wake up with the soldiers (who had kidnapped him) brutally massacred. Confused by the chain of such brutal events, Ethan stumbles upon a mysterious village in Eastern Europe, infested with monstrous creatures called, precisely, Lycan. Today we want to explain to you how to survive the attack of the ravenous Lycans in Resident Evil Village.

Password: survive

The first few bars of Resident Evil Village turn the clock back to many years ago, when in Halo Reach we were asked “simply” to survive the attack. Here we find exactly the same request, but the whole thing is complicated by a group of werewolves who want Ethan’s head at all costs. Despite the swiftness and brute strength of these creatures, there are some tricks to survive the ambush, and we want to explain them to you. Let’s see together how to survive the Lycan attack in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

Fighting Isn’t The Key – Resident Evil Village: How To Survive The Lycan Attack

It seems obvious, but the key to surviving in the early stages of Resident Evil Village is… remember to stay alive. This statement, although trivial, contains a valuable advice: to pass the level just survive, there is no need to kill any werewolf. Our advice, therefore, is not to be superheroes of the sitation but simply to slip away and try to escape the situation without too much damage. You will notice the start of the attack at the hearing of a bell in the distance, to then watch a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you need to be ready.

In this case, your best ally is your surroundings. Moving continuously relentlessly in the environment around us is one of the best strategies to adopt. Remember that Lycans can’t eat what they can’t catch, so always be one step ahead of them. In case you find your back against the wall, grab your most powerful weapon and get ready for the fight.

Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

The Big House – Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

The big house we stumble upon at the beginning of the level (in the western part of the map) can be a great resource to survive the ambush. Inside you can find a large amount of ammunition and resources, as well as a powerful shotgun. This weapon turns out to be a really great game changer, especially if you find yourself with your back to the wall. The house also consists of numerous corridors, blind spots and escape routes to evade enemies and get away with it.

If in the big house the best strategy is to exploit its convoluted structure, on the outside the question is much simpler (however thorny). As already mentioned, the best strategy is to move constantly to escape the clutches of werewolves. Furthermore, a winning tactic can be that of kiting: we advise you to use buildings, blind spots and hiding places to hit your opponents off guard for damage them a little at a time.

Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

Save today for tomorrow – Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

Another key strategy to keep in mind is that of go “on savings”. In this first phase of Resident Evil Village you won’t find a lot of ammo and resources on your path, so you will have to make a virtue of necessity. Most of the resources scattered throughout the map you will find them in the big house (which we talked about in the previous paragraph), so our advice is to head there the as soon as possible to refuel. Remember that it is not possible for us to kill all the enemies launched in pursuit of you, so take advantage of the ammunition gathered and use it only in an emergency.

This advice is especially true in the case of hammer-wielding creatures. These, being extremely powerful and leathery, should be avoided at all costs. Killing them will cost you a lot of effort and a disproportionate number of ammunition, therefore the game is not really worth the candle.

Resident Evil Village: how to survive the Lycan attack

In summary

Well friends, before closing this guide on how to survive the attack of the mighty Lycans in Resident Evil Village let’s do a short recap. The main tactics for staying alive are:

  • Moving all the time
  • Using the surrounding environment in our favor
  • Take advantage of the big house and its resources
  • Avoid any unnecessary confrontation

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