OPPO is the protagonist of CVPR 2022 with seven AI-based projects

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–FILE–View of a logo of OPPO at a store in Shanghai, China, 6 October 2018.

Chinese smartphone marker OPPO plans to unveil a new smartphone into the Kenyan market before the end of 2018, officials said on Saturday (24 November 2018). Jesse Wu, brand manager of OPPO Kenya, told Xinhua in Nairobi that the OPPO A7 will pioneer the latest technologies and systems combined with the most advanced exquisite design in smartphone industry. “Maintaining the trendsetting norm and in order to let more young users to enjoy the latest smartphone fashion, OPPO will introduce the OPPO A7 before the end of the year,” Wu said. He added that the Kenyan market is changing drastically and people are appreciating genuine quality of user-experience over just specs on paper. “The OPPO A7 will target young people with a discerning heart for an outstanding design, convenient and smooth operation, and advanced multimedia practice,” he said. Wu said that OPPO entered the Kenyan market in March 2015 and has carved out a niche among consumers looking for the latest features in a smartphone.

On the occasion of the event Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference 2022 (CVPR 2022) and register andhe great success of OPPO. The company confirms itself as a reference in the field of AI by presenting ben 7 innovative projects. It should also be noted that OPPO finished in eight of the most popular competitions of the conference. For the company there are three first places, a second place and four third places.

OPPO awarded for Artificial Intelligence on the occasion of CVPR 2022

I seven new projects presented by OPPO on the occasion of the CVPR 2022 confirm the great progress made by the company in the development of sHuman-centered Artificial Intelligence olutions. OPPO’s projects focus on the integration of multimodal information, the reconstruction of the human body in 3D, the personalization of user experiences in terms of aesthetics and the distillation of knowledge in neural networks.

OPPO’s team of researchers also proposed a new CRIS framework based on the CLIP model. This model allows AI to gain greater understanding of text and images. The system developed by OPPO improves multimodal intelligence by allowing AI to understand and interpret the world more precisely through different sources of information.

Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment with Rich Attributes

CRIS CLIP Driven Referring Image Segmentation

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The company comment

Guo Yandong, Chief Scientist in Intelligent Perception di OPPO. “OPPO continues to promote the use of artificial intelligence in the realization of complex perceptual and cognitive processes, such as the ability to learn from a large amount of uncoded data, to create navigation flows and to reconstruct 3D information from different perspectives. I am delighted to see that seven of our projects have been selected for this year’s conference. Based on this success, we will continue to work to apply AI in increasingly innovative and cutting-edge areas, to bring its benefits to an ever-increasing number of people. “

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