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The best PlayStation Plus Premium games | June 2022

Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Game Pass has just become available, with a wide range of titles to satisfy as many players as possible. Let’s focus on what are currently the best PlayStation Plus Premium games

Also available in Italy from the day of June 23, 2022, the new PlayStation Plus has definitely been updated by offering users three different subscription levels. We have three steps: Essentials, Extra e Premium. In this guide we will focus on the last, and also the most advantageous, that is the Premium which with a share equal to 119.99 euros per year offers us the classic advantages of the old subscription plus a large collection of titles to try, and we’re going to focus on the best games that PlayStation Plus Premium currently offers.

A respectable catalog

If anyone thought that Sony could not reach the levels of the Game Pass di Microsoft perhaps he should review his beliefs. Although it is true that the Xbox offer is certainly more at the moment onlythat of the Japanese company defends itself well, presenting both the great classics that we all know, but also real gems that we can go and recover thanks to this great offerand we’ll try to show you which of these are the best games currently on PlayStation Plus Premium.

Sony’s offering is available for both platform PS4 than for the PS5so in case some title is only available for one version or vice versa, rest assured because you have it we will indicate whenever there is a need. Having made all the necessary premises, get ready to take a look at what we have selected for you!

God of War – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

While we are all in great anticipation of the following, why not freshen up with the award-winning eighth chapter of the famous saga dedicated to the Spartan semi-god? The title developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio compared to its previous chapters is renewed in all the aspects, from graphics to gameplay, presenting a combat system that has hit the mark, practically perfect. In the title we see an unreleased Kratos dedicated to going on a long journey with his son Atreus, where we will discover sides of his appearance that we had not seen in previous God of War, by far one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium games.

Shadow of the Colossus – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

Born from the creative genius of Fumito Ueda (Ico and The Last Guardian), Shadow of the Colossus is a title that you absolutely must not leave out if you have the great sin of never having played it. In this work with a dark and heartbreaking facade, we take on the role of Wander, a boy who, accompanied only by his sword and his trusty black steed, will make his way through the Forbidden Lands in search of the famous Colossi, trying to drop them one by one. Full of puzzles, e battles to the death (and on the last climb) Ueda’s work will kidnap you and immerse you in his world if you allow it, and you will never regret it.

Desperados 3 – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

Going to see what the catalog offers regarding strategic tactical in real timewe cannot fail to mention Desperados 3. Third chapter of the famous Mimimi Games saga, which has in its baggage a strategic one such as Shadow Tactis, and as a business card it is not bad at all, the title we are recommending is a prequel of the first two. Set in the Far West of 1870, we will follow the protagonist John Cooper in one compelling story and enveloping that will make us fond of the character and all the companions who will support him. If you are a lover of real-time strategy, this will surely be one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium games for you.

Bloodborne – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

It certainly does not need many introductions one of the most important titles released by FromSoftware exclusively for Sony consoles. In Bloodborne unlike previous Hidetaka Miyazaki, we will go forward in the game world fighting without a shield, and this, trust me, will increase the tension and speed of the fights by a lot compared to its predecessors, also adding the mechanics of recovering your life points by attacking enemies, you will be in constant movement and with rare moments of respite. With now the canonical lore from go and look between objects and dialogues, abandon yourself to the nightmare becoming a fearsome beast hunter, in one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever made.

Little Nightmares – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

In this case we are talking about a pearl. The title developed by Tarsier Studios and presented to the Gamescom of 2016, he immediately got noticed for his graphic style and the atmosphere that presents the game. We will play the role of little Six, a frail and tiny girl who will have to make her way through a world bleak, gloomy, dark and where almost every living thing and not, is at least three times her. On board a vessel and with people inside it who are not exactly friendly, this title horror he will tell us his story only through what happens on the video, without narrative voices or lines of dialogue of any kind, also showing a rare and fascinating artistic direction, which will make you fall in love with this gem.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition – I migliori giochi di PlayStation Plus Premium

If you are a lover of comics and home movies Marvel dedicated to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this is without a doubt one of the best PlayStation Plus Premium games for you. Developed by Insomniac Games, which gave a solid gameplay imprint, presenting always pleasant and diversified fights, where you can also turn freely for the Big Apple it is always pleasant and never boring, thanks to a climbing and web management system that is always credible and never artificial. Even the story is well written and we will see our Peter Parker already a teenager and struggling with the troubles that some of the most iconic enemies of comics, they will introduce him. Also available in the catalog is the Game of the Year version, which includes all the DLCs released for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Returnal – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

Among the titles with which the PS5 was launched on the market, Returnal is certainly the most interesting one. It is a roguelike atipco, where we will take on the role of Selene, an astronaut whose ship has crashed on the hostile planet of Atropos, an inhospitable place with different forms of life ready to put an end to its existence. What happens after a few moments after her she leaves the wreck, but in that moment she goes back in time, reliving everything that happened up to the precise moment of her death.

This is what happens in the gameplay of Returnal, with each death, the world returns to the way it was before the defeat, with the exception of some creatures that will change and the game world that will vary in some areas, leaving the player in a fulfilling sense of loss. Developed by Housemarque, it is definitely one of the exclusive PS5 most interesting at the moment.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – I migliori giochi di PlayStation Plus Premium

Here we are talking about a masterpiece. The most complete title of RockStar Games, which has managed to make the PS4 touch the vette that they had never seen before. Set between the end of the Old West and the entrance to the modern age, this prequel to the first Red Dead Redemption puts us in the shoes of Arthur Morgan a gruff cowboy with an internal conflict between right and wrong that will accompany him throughout the play. Surrounded by members of Van der Linde’s gang, of all the characters that Arthur approaches you won’t be able to find one (it’s not an exaggeration) badly written, pointing out the fact that RockStar takes their time, but churns out masterpieces difficult to reach.

Final Fantasy VII – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

The role-playing game of Square Enix among the most famous of its kind, and in particular one of the most famous chapters they say from fans. All this is Final Fantasy 7 which is part of the offer catalog Sony. The chapter that for many of the insiders is “The most beautiful of Final Fantasy”presents us with a world that is running out, with no more raw materials and the only resource that manages to make humanity survive is the green energy Mako, which is the very life energy of the planet.

The extraction of this resource is managed by Shinra Inc., which extracts it for purposes that you will see, they are far from positive. Our protagonist, Cloud Strife, will have to face various headaches in this title and also one of the most famous antagonists in the entire history of the video game, the fearsome Sephirot.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

The choice of home Ubisoft for his last 3 Assassin’s Creed the part of his fans much more linked to the famous stealth imprint of the title did not like. It cannot be denied however that the trace from action GDR that they are following with the last few chapters is interesting and definitely a lot of fun to play. Valhalla specifically puts us in the shoes of Eivor, a Viking raider, and together with the whole group of him we will take part to the Viking invasion of Great Britain. The latest chapter from Ubisoft offers a map vast and a density of secondary missions and activities to be carried out that will leave you breathless at times, but if you are a lover of the Vikings series, and of the brutal battles typical of the Norsemen, you cannot not play this title.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty! – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

The task that the guys from Just Add Water had in their hands was not at all easy. Run the remake of a title released in 1997, remained so impressed in the hearts and memories of the players is always an unknown, but at Just Add Water they did an excellent job. Thanks to them, in fact, we will be able to go back to playing the role of Abe, a Mudonok employed at RaptureFarms, a hostile canned food company. A series of plot events leads Abe to to escape from the factory by deciding to bring others of his kind with him, he is helping him to make his escape succeed.

Death Stranding Director’s cut – The best PlayStation Plus Premium games

The latest effort from the iconic developer Hideo Kojima is presented in its definitive version, the Director’s cut, where the developer had his first approach with the PS5, and what came out of it is amazing, Death Stranding on PS5 is sensational. During the opera we will be dragged in a gray and ruined way, where the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, has the difficult task of reconstructing the links now lost during a rapid and apparently inexplicable catastrophe. With the plot and characters worthy of the best Kojima, let yourself be embraced by a world that will remain etched in …

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