Oppo Kengo Kuma: technology as an art form

OPPO and famed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma collaborate for an open-air installation that celebrates technology as an art form. Let’s see together how this collaboration was born

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, OPPO, one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, presents Bamboo (bamboo) Ring: || “Weaving a Symphony of Lightness and Form”, un’installazione multisensory made in cooperation with the famous architect Japanese Kengo Kuma which will be exhibited until September 19 at Courtyard of the Baths of the State University of Milan.

Through the installation, OPPO explores the “Creative Connections“Combining architecture e music, design innovation, technology e user experience, to give people a immersive moment. The work represents an evolution of the Bamboo Ring made by OPPO and Kengo Kuma who has debuted to the edition 2019 of the London Design Festival, with which the company explored the harmonious relationship between the man and the nature through the vision of light structures ma resistant made with bamboo e carbon fiber. This year, this experiential retelling uses a pioneering technology involving all the senses through a series of composed orchestral scores by the Japanese violinist Midori Komachi with Musicity. The composition is based on the cycle of the seasons and moves through the structure, encouraging the public to walk around to work and to do capture from her sound narration. The soundscapes that change integrate the sound of the Midori violin (built in Milano In the 1920 e improved with the same carbon fiber) gives O Relax, l’digital application of the well-being of OPPO it offers sounds of nature and of city to rest the mind taken from places around the world, including Reykjavik, Beijing e Tokyo.

Oppo Kengo Kuma: technology as an art form

Oppo Kengo Kuma: the company’s words

“OPPO is a human-centric company and as such our goal is to constantly provide the most advanced technologies to people. We are delighted to collaborate with Kengo Kuma, an architect known for the perfect integration between nature and culture. Together, we demonstrate how technology and design can be used to add value to our daily lives by drawing on the principles of our philosophy of “Technology as an art form” and the mission of our brand “Technology for Mankind, Being Kind to the World. “”

– declares Jintong Zhu, Head of OPPO London Design Center.

The woven structure of the installation – made with bamboo rings e carbon fiber – becomes one musical instrument, while the music travels Through it thanks to the use of structural sound technologies coming from Research of the OPPO London Design Center. An innovative technology that includes new haptic engines and strips of MEMS speakers and transducers working to produce one immersive base e frequencies more other that affect bamboo with the vibrato of the violin and the effect of a percussion instrument.

“When I design architecture projects, I make sure I work on rhythm and tone rather than form, contemporary music gives us many lessons on how to create new musicality in architecture. Thanks to these new forms of technology, this structure combines visual and acoustic experiences of visitors “

– says the architect Kengo Kuma.

After the Milan Design Week, OPPO donerà Bamboo Ring to Arte Sella in Trentino, a contemporary art museum outdoors with exhibitions held with natural materials on the background of Sella Valley, where it will find its permanent home.

This is how OPPO, a few days after the launch of the new Reno6 series – one of the line-ups it offers cutting-edge performance within best photos from always, capable of transforming users in real digital creators, with a perfect Balance between sophisticated design e innovation – confirms the huge company attention to reshape the future of technological design and the decisive role that art and design play in the industry that yes expresses in the avant-garde and in the Research from aesthetic forms of style.

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