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Oppo launches the 2023 Inspiration Challenge on World Smile Day

L’OPPO Research Institute announced the launch of the OPPO Inspiration Challenge 2023 on the occasion of World Smile Day. All together with global partners Qualcomm Technologies, GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services e LinkedIn. Based on the brand proposition “Inspiration Ahead”, OPPO and its partners aim to bring new and innovative solutions to life. Provides funding, support and partnership opportunities. By working together, OPPO hopes these innovations can create a positive impact and encourage greater awareness of the issues facing global communities.

Inspiration Challenge 2023, how does it work?

The nominations for theOPPO Inspiration Challenge 2023 will be collected by8 maggio al June 30th. Which will be followed by three demonstration events that will take place at Bangkok, Boston and Shenzhen at the beginning of August. The finalists of each demonstration event will be invited to participate in theInspiration Challenge Acceleration Camp. And also to meet OPPO executives and technical experts to review their proposals before the final event at the end of August.

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All submissions for this year’s OPPO Inspiration Challenge will be evaluated against four criteria: feasibility, technological innovation, long-term potential e social value. A total of 15 qualified submissions from the demonstration events will be selected as finalists. The 5 best winning proposals will be selected in the final event, each of which will receive a grant of 50.000 dollars.

Further partnership opportunities will be offered to the 45 best proposals worldwide. They are made up of the 15 best entries from each demo event, including, but not limited to:

  • Production and Marketing Opportunities: An Incubation Fund will be established for a total of 190.000$to co-develop solutions intended for implementation.
  • Strategic partnership and investment opportunities.
  • Opportunity to show up at global technology events.
  • Ability to receive cloud resources and technical support from Amazon Web Services.


OPPO collaborates with technology professionals from around the world to create a better future

During last year’s OPPO Inspiration Challenge, 536 submissions from innovators from around the world were collected to address key life challenges.Accessible technology” and of “Digital health“. OPPO has since partnered with 18 of these teams to further implement their propositions and has brought some of them to global platforms such as OPPO INNO DAY 2022 and the MWC 2023.

Since health, accessibility and environmental protection are the key points of the company, it is important to promote progress in these key areas through the most innovative technology. The OPPO Inspiration Challenge 2023 will focus on the two categories “Inspiration for People” e “Inspiration for Planet”, supporting technology professionals from all over the world to develop innovative solutions in these two areas.

Inspiration for People: innovative solutions for digital health and accessible technology

This category is a call for submissions of technologies, products and services related to digital health and healthcare accessible technology. Includes algorithms for health; innovations in the field of hardware sensors, i.e. the integration of new and advanced sensors into daily health monitoring devices; innovative products for digital health monitoring; assistive technologies for accessibility and technologies designed for older adults. The main goal of this category is to make technology accessible and beneficial for everyone.

Inspiration for Planet: Innovative solutions for environmental protection and low-carbon development

In line with OPPO’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2050, this category requires innovative solutions related to environmental protection and low-carbon development applied to consumer electronics. It includes renewable energy, sustainable materials and packaging, green manufacturing processes, recycling of electronic products and digital management of carbon emissions.

The main objective of this category is to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing or using electronic products e promote sustainable development through technology. To learn more about the program or to register, visit the official webpage.

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