The OnePlus guide to make your smartphone like new again

La guida di OnePlus per far tornare lo smartphone come nuovo thumbnail

Find it perfect smartphone it’s quite an undertaking. There are many aspects that users take into consideration in the hope of making the right choice. Among these are a good camera, number of guaranteed software updates, fast charging system and, why not, also a beautiful design. This is why, when buying a new device, it is important to try to keep it in its initial condition for as long as possible. So as to make the most of all its features. Here because OnePlus has published a guide about how protect your smartphone.

Here’s how to protect your smartphone according to the OnePlus guide

Global tech brand OnePlus has prepared a guide to protect your smartphone, new or old, and restore it to its former glory:

  • Start protecting the phone with a cover and a transparent film. It might seem like trivial advice, but it’s the most suitable solution to preserve the integrity of your smartphone for a long time, protecting it from fingerprints and falls.
  • Another way to make your phone last longer is optimize the state of your battery. The battery is the beating heart of the device and it is essential to keep it in the best possible condition. For example, always keeping the charge levels between 20% and 80%. Also choose devices that incorporate technologies specifically designed to optimize battery health. Like the innovative Battery Health Engine (BHE) on the OnePlus 11, designed to make the charging system more durable, safe and efficient.

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  • Learn how to manage apps properly. Contrary to what many think, closing apps after every single use can be a very harmful habit for the smartphone: in fact, closing them forces the Android manager to fully load the apps every time they are opened. It is much better, therefore, to keep the apps open even when inactive, thus saving resources and energy. And what about apps that are never used? Erase them from your device to improve the state of your smartphone and make it last longer.
  • In the end, beware of extreme temperatures and water. It’s no secret that phones get hot when exposed to extreme temperatures. However, this damages the battery, with a consequent loss of efficiency: for this reason, it is very important to ensure that the phone is always between 0 and 35 °C. On the other hand, humidity is also not a good friend of your device. Even though more and more phones are equipped with certifications for water resistance, it is still better to avoid submerging them completely in order not to damage their integrity in the long run!