Oppo receives recognition for sustainability thanks to its Battery Health Engine technology

Oppo riceve un riconoscimento per la sostenibilità grazie alla sua tecnologia Battery Health Engine thumbnail

Battery Health Engine Of OPPOone of the leading companies in the smart device sector, was proclaimed the winner in the category Sustainable Products ai 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. Thanks to this award, OPPO joins companies of the caliber of General Motors, T-Mobile and Cisco, winning the prestigious international award for sustainability.

The 2023 SEAL award for Oppo Battery Health Engine for sustainability through innovation

I SEAL Awards (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership Awards) celebrate companies and leaders from around the world who make concrete contributions to sustainability. They develop innovative initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment. The 2023 SEAL award for OPPO Battery Health Engine adds to the growing international recognition of the company’s efforts to improve sustainability through technical innovation.

Oppo Battery Health Engine: technical characteristics

Battery Health Engine is a battery health technology developed by OPPO over three years. By solving battery problems associated with lithium, the Battery Health Engine reduces battery capacity loss over time. Helping to extend battery life and reduce e-waste caused by frequently discarded smartphone batteries.

Based on battery management chip customized by OPPO, on the Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technologythe Battery Health Engine is able to maintain the battery capacity of OPPO smartphones up to80% of its original level. This comes after well 1,600 charge-discharge cyclesresulting in effective battery life that is much longer than the industry standard.

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In which devices to find the Battery Health Engine

Since its first release in 2022, the Battery Health Engine has been featured in more than ten OPPO smartphone products. Including the OPPO Find X5 series, where it not only improved the user experience but also impacted society due to its increased sustainability.

OPPO was also named one of the 10 most innovative companies in Asia-Pacific in 2023 by the authoritative economic media Fast Company. This recognition for the innovations behind the Battery Health Engine and its role as a sustainability leader in the smartphone industry.

The importance of sustainability

Sustainability has long been a central component from product design to OPPO’s business operations. Constantly explore new innovations for a more sustainable future. At MWC 2023, OPPO unveiled the all-new Zero-power Tag, a communication device that harvests energy from the environment and can operate without the need for batteries. The company also adopts a scientific and ecological approach to all product lifecycle management.

This includes not only compliance with international packaging standards 3R+1D to reduce the use of natural resources, but also increase the life cycle of products through OPPO Battery Health Engine and the services of trade-in of products to minimize e-waste.

OPPO’s innovation-oriented manufacturing and global operations are contributing to a reduction of the environmental impact at all levels of the company. These include energy-saving upgrades in manufacturing plants and the construction of a green data center, OPPO AndesBrain IDC.

OPPO will continue to explore new ways to promote sustainability across its businesses, using the latest technologies to deliver smarter and more environmentally friendly technologies and products to its global users, leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

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