The iliad eSIM is a virtual SIM for more sustainable telephony

L’eSIM di iliad è una SIM virtuale per una telefonia più sostenibile thumbnail

iliad presents its today e.g, to virtual SIMs which allows you to activate the operator’s offers without the need for the canonical physical card. It is a technological innovation that responds to the needs and demands of the iliad mobile community, which is always attentive to industry news.

The eSIM offers many advantages to users. First of all, it is very practical: there is no longer any need to insert or remove the SIM from the smartphone, thus avoiding the risk of losing or damaging it. Plus, it’s one ecological solutionbecause it does not require any material support or packaging.

How to request the eSIM if you are already an iliad customer

Iliad users who already have an offer a 9,99€ (or upgrade to an offering of this value) can claim free activation. Those who instead have an offer with a rate of less than €9.99 will still be able to request the eSIM, but with a one-off activation cost of €9.99.

Those who prefer the physical card can still choose this option when activating the desired mobile offer.

And who is not a customer?

Those who want to switch to iliad, regardless of the offer chosen, will be able to request the eSIM with an activation cost of €9.99.

How does it work?

To install the iliad eSIM on your smartphone, simply scan the QR code provided at the time of subscription, enter the code received by email and follow a few simple configuration steps provided for your device.

The eSIM can also be transferred from one device to another: just uninstall it from the old device and reuse the QR code, which can be found in your Personal Area or in the subscription email, on the new smartphone.

The iliad eSIM is available on, at the Simboxes present in the 38 Flagship Stores, in all iliad Corners and by calling 177. To activate it, simply choose the “eSIM” option when subscribing to the offer or request it from the Area Personal if you are already an iliad user.

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