OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

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Incredible battery life with Battery Health Engine, OPPO Reno 8 Series, unveils state-of-the-art battery optimization solution

According to research conducted by Strategy Analyticsmost people tend to switch smartphones on average every 2-3 yearsoften due to a battery discharged or no longer functioning. A confirmation that also comes from the laboratory data SUPERVOOC from OPPOwhich found that, after a year of use, most smartphone batteries just have the 90% of the original capacity; after two years, the percentage even drops to80%.

Daily use with a full charge then switches from 24 ore with one new smartphonea 19 ore after two years. This is without considering the intensive use of the smartphone, such as running multiple applications at the same time or using graphics-intensive online games.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

OPPO: Battery Health Engine

While there are several tips and guides that help preserve battery life, like the rule of 20:80which plans to always keep the battery charged between 20% and 80%, OPPO believes that the user should not be concerned with solving this problem. For this reason, he spent three years conducting research on lithium-ion batteries, which resulted in a system-level battery health optimization solution, called Battery Health Engine (BHE).

OPPO BHE is able to maintain a battery beyond the80% of its original capacity after well 1,600 charge cycles, or about four years of typical use when charged once a day. This is double the current industry average of 800 cycleswhich makes the batteries equipped with BHE the longest-lived in the world in terms of duration.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

Why do batteries lose the ability to store charge over time?

To understand how the revolutionary works OPPO BHEyou need to first understand how charges and discharges a battery lithium-ion. Inside, the lithium ions move frompositive electrode to that negative when the battery is in loadthrough a process known as electrolytic conduction. When the battery runs out, the opposite process.

The amount of charge that can move between the electrodes during either of these processes depends on the amount of active lithium ions in the battery. Unfortunately for lithium ion batteries, it is possible for active lithium ions to become inactive or “dead” if subjected to chain excessive or overloaded. When this happens, the buildup of dead lithium ions leads to a decrease in battery capacity.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

Avoid overcharging to avoid lithium death

The solution to avoid lithium death and preserve battery capacity would be to avoid overcharging by controlling the charging current and voltage within an appropriate range. In this sense, the negative electrode potential is an important indicator that can be used to monitor the charging current and voltage in real time. However, its measurement poses another major challenge, as it is impossible to measure the potential of a single electrode without adding another “third” electrode to the battery, which would not only be impractical for battery layout, but would also add size to smartphone design.

In addition to its own technical research, OPPO also conducts regular revisions of the latest academic research to ensure that their efforts are focused on the most cutting-edge areas. During one of these reviews, the company stumbled upon the professor’s research Gregory Offerspecializing in lithium battery research at theImperial College Londonwho made theoretical advances in obtaining the negative electrode potential using algorithmic models that measure actual battery current and voltage.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

Measure the potential of the negative electrode in real time

During the collaboration, OPPO leveraged its detailed understanding and decades of experience developing practical battery applications to develop a battery model capable of measuring the potential ofnegative electrode in real time. The company provided a large amount of test data to develop the practical battery model based on Professor Offer’s theoretical concepts.

However, as the initial application was intended only for single cell batteriesOPPO engineers had to lead more experiments and tests to implement the bidirectional communication protocol, to extend model compatibility to batteries a due to that present in their smartphones. After three years of testing and modificationthe team developed an accurate battery model that can plot the potential of the negative electrode in real time without adding a third electrode.

Thanks to these measurements, it is possible to precisely control parameters such as: the charge rate and battery temperature, to offer the best equilibrium between performance and longevity. This innovative battery model, called Smart Battery Health Algorithmis one of the two technologies that make up BHE.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

Hardware protection for battery life

In addition to the intelligent algorithm, another revolutionary innovation from OPPO BHE it’s the technology Battery Healing, which helps preserve battery life by altering its internal chemistry. When lithium-ion batteries charge and discharge, the breakdown of electrolyte compounds under the electrical potential causes a thin layer known as solid electrolytic interphase (SEI), essential for operation, where it acts as a protective film that improves the performance of the electrodes and prevents them from being damaged by the electrolyte molecules.

Technology Battery Healing, further improves the performance of the electrodes and helps maintain the BE in one more state stable, durable and optimalimproving battery life by reducing the damage that continuous charges and discharges cause to the electrodes.

OPPO Reno 8 Series: Incredible battery life

Worry-free charging experience with the Reno8 series

with the series Reno8users don’t just benefit from a longer battery life thanks to the new BHE. Thanks to charging technology SUPERVOOC da 80 Wcan charge the battery from 4500 mAh from Reno8 is Reno8 Pro al 50% in about 10 minutes and, al 100% in about 30 minutes.

The tests carried out by TÜV Rheinland, show that even a refill of 5 minutesi is sufficient for 2 hours of gameplay. In addition, the built-in five-layer charging protection ensures safer charging, so that users can enjoy the benefits of a charging ultraveloce and worry-free longer battery life.

Dal SUPERVOOC high efficiency and power, at theAIRVOOC wirelessto the SUPERVOOC mini-charger, up to the brand new Battery Health EngineOPPO is always atvanguard in the technology of batteries and charging. With the arrival of other innovative charging solutions, the company will continue to explore new ways to offer more users a safe and effective charging experience.

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