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Doron Dororon finished and the news announced | Jump Highlights

Gen Osuka Doron Dororon’s manga does not survive Shueisha’s ax and ends prematurely. In today’s issue, Jump announces two new serializations by novice authors

The tight cycle of serializations within Weekly Shonen Jump continues. To end up in the sights this time is Doron Dororonthe debut manga of Gen Osuka in which humanity struggles against demonic spirits called mononoke.

The abuse of clichés in the work was evident from the first chapter, between yokai and “samurai” in charge of fighting them, and the unlikely union between two members of the category as the engine for the story. Osuka’s sin is even more serious considering that, in this period, Jump is particularly crowded with this type of manga.

Despite having resisted a few more chapters than others, Doron Dororon ends with chapter 36. A clear conclusion, with the defeat of the enemy of the moment and the separation of the protagonist Dora from his friend mononoke who was his weapon.

Doron Dororon finished and the news announced |  Jump Highlights

Replacing Doron Dororon: the two new titles on the way

Weekly Shonen Jump announces two new manga coming out in the coming weeks. Both are the debut manga of their respective authors, who, however, have both already published one-shot in the magazine.

September 5th will arrive Dai Tōkyō Oni Yome Den (temporarily translated as The Legend of the Greater Tokyo Demon Bride), by Tadaichi Nakama. It would be a comedy-oriented fighting shonen, in which a boy suddenly finds himself married to a demon. Nothing new therefore so far with respect to the trend of the magazine.

The following week will be the turn of Ginka to Ryuna from Shinpei Watanabeon which no additional information is given beyond the visual.

Therefore, Shueisha’s policy of treating publications severely continues, not hesitating to cut out unsuccessful ones within about twenty chapters. At the same time, the new proposals are often very similar to each other, perhaps in search of that unique detail that captures the public.