OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'

OPPO Reno11 F offers the best quality in its range, the new smartphone allows fast charging even at -20℃ degrees

With all the interactions that happen today between users and their smartphones, it can be complex to define what exactly the user experience “optimal”. One thing is certain: stability and reliability they are the fundamental bases, aspects strictly linked to the quality of the smartphone itself.

OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'

OPPO Reno11 F: guaranteed quality

OPPO has always considered product quality as a key element of its long-term and sustainable development. Reno11 F, in fact, stands out for guaranteeing “4 years of serenity thanks to superior quality.”

“Quality is a word that is used often and reflects what OPPO has always believed in: providing high-quality products for everyday life,” he said Arne Herkelmann, Head of Product Management at OPPO Europe. The idea of ​​focusing more on quality is also demonstrated by the tendency of people to keep their phones for longer: according to GfK, in fact, in 2023 two thirds of smartphone users in Western Europe kept their phone for more than 24 months . This corresponds to a 1.3x increase over the last 5 years and an impressive 36% of users keep their phone for three years or more.

Lasting quality from OPPO

OPPO's lasting quality starts with excellent manufacturing. Thanks to the collaboration with i best suppliers, OPPO is capable of producing precisely customized, high-quality components needed to ensure the quality of its final products from the most basic level. OPPO also works closely with partners to create dedicated teams, specialized production lines and even factories exclusively for OPPO.

All components intended for use in OPPO devices are produced in these facilities, adhering to the highest standards in the industry. For example, for the production of smartphone displays, all units are assembled in a dust-free, class 1000 cleanroom. This environment meets more than 270 specificationsensuring standardized production and ensuring that each display meets OPPO's rigorous quality requirements.

OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'

OPPO Reno11 F: tests and evaluations

Even when a smartphone is manufactured to the highest standards, it must undergo rigorous testing before hitting the market. All OPPO products are subjected to extensive verification of the quality and reliability of the components, production lines and complete devices. Independent quality controls they are also implemented in the entire production process. Additionally, engineers and technical experts conduct five rounds of quality assessments and reviews to ensure that each device meets OPPO's rigorous quality standards.

Ready for over 4 years of use, Reno11 F 5G has been quality tested to handle 100,000 volume key presses, 200,000 presses of the power button and 20,000 cases of USB-C plugging and unplugging. With over 50 production checks, 130 reliability tests and 320 comprehensive tests, Reno11 F allows you to have what you need to face every daily challenge.

Trinity Engine

In addition to the hardware procedures, Reno11 F benefits from the advanced Trinity Engine by OPPO, which provides a further improvement to the quality of the software. This unique system-level solution is designed to improve system fluidity and stability through management and accurate programming of compute, memory and storage resources at the instruction level of the microarchitecture, ensuring an optimized user experience.

OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'

OPPO Reno11 F: safe fast charging system

OPPO has always been at the forefront of fast charging technology. The proven 67W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge technology has been adopted for Reno11 F, which guarantees customers fast and reliable charging: the device recharges to 30% in 10 minutes, reaches 53% in 20 minutes and reaches full charge in just 48 minutes. It is worth highlighting that the Reno11 F is also equipped with USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) with a maximum power of 55 Watts, thus surpassing competing products in higher price ranges.

Equipped with a large 5000 mAh battery, OPPO Reno11 F allows you to stay online all day without having to resort to the charger. Plus, the battery can be kept in tip-top condition for as many as four years of use, meaning you never have to worry about replacement again.

Safety even in difficult environments

In addition to everyday life scenarios, OPPO also takes into account the most difficult environments of use: Reno11 F in fact, is equipped with the Ultra-low Temperature charging mode, which offers users rapid charging even in the cold, at temperatures down to -20℃. To solve the problem of no or slow charging in cold temperatures, this smart solution generates a CPU load for heating and uses the central chassis and graphite plates for heat distribution, preheating the battery to a suitable level for fast charging.

The product has obtained certification Safe Fast-Charge System da TÜVRheinlandas it performs well in fast charging, automatic charge cut-off and battery life tests in extremely low temperature conditions, maintaining sufficient reliability to meet everyday needs.

OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'OPPO Reno11 F: arrives with at least '4 years of peace of mind'

4 year battery protection plan

OPPO's pursuit of high quality is constant, both in product and service, and is the last link in our end-to-end quality assurance. Along with the first sale of the Reno11 F, a “4 year battery protection plan“, giving users the complete guarantee of obtaining a product designed to last over time.

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