Sorrento Roads 2024: here are the winners of the third edition!

The world of motorsports is wider than you think, so much so that the motorsport event featuring the streets of Sorrento, Paestum and Naples has reached its third edition. Let's see together all the winners of Sorrento Roads 2024!

The world is beautiful because it is varied, and even if it is true that the most famous motorsport event is the Formula 1 season, at the same time there are also events that are smaller and less known by the world population, but at the same time still interesting and curious. In fact, let's talk about Sorrento Roadswhich features the streets of Sorrento in Campania, one of the most beautiful municipalities in Napoli. The third edition was held on Sunday, the same day as the GP at Suzukawhich we also had the opportunity to analyze in this specific article, with all the winners and the various data recorded during the race.

Sorrento Roads 2024: here are the winners of the third edition!Sorrento Roads 2024: here are the winners of the third edition!The winners of the Sorrento Roads 2024 traveling on the Amalfi Coast

The focus of the event was mainly on crossing a long path along the Amalfi Coast, which hosts one of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. All with the protagonists being vintage cars at the centre, true antique jewels from the world of motoring. The race crossed streets full of cliffs, lemon groves and colorful houses, in views like the port of Maiori and Marna d'Arechi. All under a clear sky and a bright sun, which gives even more beauty to the track. For the third consecutive year the winner was one B.MW 238 from 1938 led by Alfonso Facchini9 and Luigia Olivetti.

Immediately afterwards we find two instead Porsche 356 from 1955the 1500 Speedster by Bonomi-Codini and the 1500 Coupe by Girardi-Mastellini. Immediately after lunch break at Poor for a moment of relaxation and then a competition for the best design and style. The winner is one Mercedes Benz 300 S Roadster del 1959 as a historic car in both categories. Then there's the Lamborghini Gallardo of Ficca-Caruso in 2006 for best design and finally the 2008 Ferrari California by Wagner-Wagner. Finally there was a final 1 vs 1 elimination challenge from which one emerged victorious Porsche 911 T Targa from 1972.

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