OPPO imiterà Apple realizzando i processori per i suoi smartphone thumbnail

OPPO will imitate Apple by making processors for its smartphones

OPPO will imitate Apple by making processors for its thumbnail smartphones

Also OPPO prepares to follow the example of Apple and Google making the processors “in house” for the devices of the future. The company, currently the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker, is part of the BBK Electronics group (which also includes Vivo, Realme and OnePlus) and has all the resources to complete the development of proprietary chips for its devices. OPPO’s project was confirmed by a report from Nikkei Asia.

OPPO will make processors for its smartphones

According to what emerged in these hours, OPPO will design processors for its devices in the future. The company will leverage the a 3 nm in Tsmc. The first rumors confirmed the possible start of the production of the first chips within a couple of years. Already in the course of 2023, therefore, the first OPPO devices with “in-house” processors could arrive. The choice of OPPO should guarantee several advantages to the devices arriving on the market in the coming years.

Not just better performance

The choice to make the chips for the devices of the future at home will bring many advantages to OPPO. The company can rely on improved performance (thanks to the possibility of maximizing hardware – software optimization). Note that in this way OPPO will be able to count on a greater control over the supply chain, reducing dependence on Qualcomm and MediaTek. OPPO’s chips will probably also arrive on smartphones from other brands such as OnePlus and Realme. Further details on the brand’s new projects should arrive in the next few weeks.

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