GTA Trilogy: GTA 3 e San Andreas arriveranno su Xbox Game Pass e PS Now

GTA: The Trilogy will soon arrive on next-generation consoles, plus two of the chapters in the trilogy will be released individually on Xbox Game Pass and PS Now

GTA is one of the most famous videogame sagas ever, and its chapters are still played and replayed today. GTA 5 online remains constantly updated, but even if the title by now six years ago will arrive on the next generation consoles, some players stay on other islands created by nostalgia, waiting for the modernization of more historical chapters, such as San Andreas and Vice City, considered classics of the genre. Among the rumors that sooner or later concerned the announcement that it was then GTA: The Trilogy, there was also thought of a exclusive arrival su Xbox Game Pass o PS Now.

GTA: The Trilogy ed i titoli in esclusiva su Xbox Game Pass e PS Now

Rockstar, after the releases of various remastered versions, decided to create one definitive version that contained the three most loved games by the community, with GTA: The Trilogy. In recent days, there has been a lot of speculation about the possible release date, and on which platforms it would come first. Here, too, Rockstar has let fans’ speculations run a little. Finally, Rockstar Games has confirmed the launch dates for GTA: The Trilogy, which will be November 11 for the digital version, and December 7 for the physical version, respectively. The game will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC and Nintendo Switch, while the Android and iOS versions will arrive in 2022.

Among the changes present in the new trilogy, there will be a light improvement and the environment, high resolution textures, better draw distance and controls equal to those of GTA 5. The objectives and trophies will be updated, and players will be able to immediately restart a failed mission, unlike in the original GTAs. The PC version will support DLSS, and PS5 and Xbox Series X will have 4K and 60FPS. Finally, two titles in GTA Trilogy, GTA: San Andreas and GTA 3, will respectively arrive on the Game Pass starting from 11 November for the first, while the second on PS Now from 7 December.

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