Optojump Next: Made in Italy technology that helps athletes prepare

Optojump Next: la tecnologia Made in Italy che aiuta la preparazione degli atleti thumbnail

Optojump Next is an optical detection system equipped with opto-electronic sensors and proprietary software capable of analyzing the performance of professional athletes and monitoring their progress over time. The system was created by Microgate from Bolzano. Optojump Next is one of the secrets behind the record Olympics recorded by the Italian national team in Tokyo 2020.

Optojump Next: technology at the service of Italian athletes

The system at the base of Optojump Next provides for an optical detection with a transmitting and a receiving bar. On the two bars there are LEDs that communicate with each other continuously. Any communication interruptions are measured by the system in order to provide parameters related to user performance.

With Optojump Next it is possible to obtain the measurement of all stroke parameters. The solution proposed by Microgate is proposed as an innovative analysis and measurement system. Professional athletes can get support in their athletic training thanks to a constant analysis of the various movement skills.

Nello sprint, who won two incredible medals at the Olympics with Jacobs and the 4 × 100, for example, it is necessary to optimize every detail to the maximum, from the individual supports to the reaction time. This system also finds application in the middle and cross-country running, in jumps and throws.

The technology behind this system is also widely applied in medical field, rehabilitation at physiotherapy centers.

The company comment

Vinicio Biasi, CEO of Microgate, declares: “We are happy to have contributed to writing this important chapter of Italian sport together with these exceptional athletes. Our training systems have accompanied the best athletes on their way to these incredible results ”.

Federico Gori, partner of Microgate and R&D manager of the company, adds: “our Optojump Next has proved to be a fundamental tool in the athletic preparation of many champions, allowing the measurement of all the parameters of the race and thus allowing to optimize every single step of the athletes”

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