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Oral-B introduces iO10, the smart toothbrush

What better occasion to present an innovative and winning product, if not the Mobile World Congress Of Barcelona.
It is the case of Oral-B that just during the Catalan kermesse of technology, presented its new toothbrush iO10. The new toothbrush presented to the public is equipped with a smart device called iOSensewhich thanks to artificial intelligence is able to offer the end user a washing guide in real time.

smart toothbrushOral-B MWC Barcelona 2022

In doing so, the smart toothbrush helps you to brush your teeth in a targeted manner, thus ensuring healthier gums and teeth.
The iO10 toothbrush presented at the MWC in Barcelona turns out to be revolutionary in its field, since it directs the user by advising him when, where and how to brush. Through the appropriate app, the data collected can also be communicated to the user directly on the smartphone.

Oral-B iO’s revolutionary micro-vibration technology removes 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.
The new iOSense device, powered by artificial intelligence to intuitively guide brushing and provide a personalized experience like never before, offers tips for:

  • When to brush: iOSense has a timer for optimal brushing time and a built-in Wi-Fi clock
  • Where to brush: the intuitive iOSense lights will allow you not to leave uncovered areas
  • How to Brush: The Oral-B app tracks your goals and provides personalized feedback after each brushing session.

iOSense is also a magnetic charger that recharges the toothbrush in about 3 hours. For use away from home, the Power2Go Travel Case ensures that you can recharge your toothbrush whenever you need it.

smart toothbrush

“The innovation we are presenting is much more than just an electric toothbrush, it represents a new era in brushing: it is a fusion of revolutionary technology, modern design and extraordinary performance. iOTM 10 with iOSenseTM is our latest effort to build a digital dental care ecosystem with advanced technology, accessible solutions and more effective educational tools to improve oral hygiene and health for all. “

“In Italy we want to increase the number of people who use toothbrushes for oral cleaning, currently this percentage is around 30%, while in other countries, such as Germany, this percentage is around 45%.
To improve these statistics we have decided to focus on a modern and attractive design, in addition to our iO Sense system. Through our app, the end user can monitor the brushing of his teeth in real time, using statistics and data to improve his cleaning “, declares Benjamin Binot, P&G Europe Oral Care Senior Vice President.

smart toothbrush

Modern and attractive design

The Oral-B iOTM 10 design:

Available in two new models inspired by the galaxy, the toothbrush comes in two colors, cosmic black and stardust white.

  • The interactive color display allows easy navigation between the functions of the device, starting from the welcome greetings, to the language settings, to the selection of cleaning modes, including the one indicated for sensitive teeth, the deep one and whitening.
  • The intelligent pressure sensor ensures users to apply the optimum cleaning pressure. In fact, the sensor signals overpressure with a red light; the green light appears when users are applying optimal cleaning pressure, maximizing the effectiveness of the iconic Oral-B iOs round head, inspired by dentists’ tools.
  • The Oral-B app provides personalized feedback after each brushing session: thanks to easy navigation between functions, you can easily configure your toothbrush, personalize your brushing experience and set personal goals to meet your individual needs .
  • The Oral-B app also provides 3D graphics and AI Brushing technology recognizes all areas inside the mouth, guiding users towards 100% brushing area completion.
  • The timer provides personalized guidance on achieving better cleaning by tracking the duration of each brushing session, so users know when their teeth have been brushed for the two minutes recommended by dentists. Icons on the display let users know if they have achieved their goal.
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