Oral-B presents three new smart toothbrushes

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OralB presented to the CES 2022 three new electric toothbrushes in the range iO10 with iOSense, which connect to your smartphone. Smart toothbrushes capable of communicating the right time, pressure and everything you need to brush your teeth in the best possible way.

Oral-B presents three new iO10 smart toothbrushes at CES 2022

Electric toothbrushes Oral-B iO10 they recharge in the base like all the others, but by downloading the Oral-B app they become something more. As the company had already explained at CES 2020, they have a series of sensors that can detect how you brush your teeth and allow you to improve your oral hygiene.

These three new iO10 models have seven different cleaning modes, depending on the type of teeth and your needs. There is a version for daily cleaning, a mode for those who are sensitive (and another for those who are particularly sensitive). And then an intense mode and one for whitening, as well as those for gum care and tongue cleaning.

Pressure sensors let you know how deep you are going. And you don’t even need to have your smartphone screen at hand: gods LEDs turn red if you are brushing too hard, green when you are at the right level.

Oral-B hasn’t revealed the prices yet, but this is the line designed to be top of the range. The company also unveiled iO4 e iO5, both should be priced under 100 euros according to rumors. They will have fewer cleaning modes and unlike iO10, iCoaching will not take place directly with the charging base. But all will show a rainbow of colors after two minutes of cleaning.

Oral-B’s smart toothbrushes will arrive in 2022 in different colors. We will update you when they are available in Italy.