Orbi solutions for WiFi protagonists of the temporary corner of LaRinascente

Le soluzioni Orbi per il WiFi protagoniste del temporary corner de LaRinascente thumbnail

LaRinascente, a veritable temple of Milanese luxury shopping, chooses NETGEAR for the new temporary corner dedicated to ORBI. This is the premium line of devices designed for those looking for the best WiFi system capable of guaranteeing top performance, both in terms of coverage and network stability as well as, of course, for speed and the ability to connect everyone. your devices at the same time.

Orbi products for WiFi arrive in the temporary corner of LaRinascente

Taking advantage of WiFi 6, Orbi is able to manage dozens of devices at the same time, without any drop in performance. The entire range of Orbi WiFi products feature a high simplicity of installation and management. The system available to users consists of a router and 1 or more satellites. Configuration is done via the Orbi app, which can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Top safety

Orbi’s WiFi products also focus on high security standards. NETGEAR has integrated the NETGEAR Armor b security system into Orbi solutionsand Bitdefender. This system guarantees complete and unlimited protection against network threats and is installed directly inside the router. Thanks to the protection system, threats such as viruses and malware will be blocked for a secure connection.

The Orbi products available to users come in different configurations. There are, in fact, the solutions with 1 satellite, (Series 8 RBK852, Series 7 RBK752) and the version with 2 satellites (RBK853, RBK753).