Oreo rolls out Xbox-themed cookies

Oreo lancia i biscotti a tema Xbox thumbnail

Six special packs Oreo inspired by famous video games and the buttons of the iconic controllers Xbox. This is how the collaboration between Microsoft and the famous cream biscuit manufacturer is renewed, which will bring the exclusive special packs to the shelves starting from 16 January 2023.

According to what we know, Xbox custom cookies will be of six types. One will have the classic X logo, one will represent a directional arrow on the D-pad while 4 will represent the controller buttons (AXBY).

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Xbox themed Oreos will give access to exclusive content

The special packages will also include codes that can be used for redeem items such as Oreo-themed armor, skins, and vehicles on some popular video games. The company’s official website reveals, for example, a Spartan made out of biscuit. It will presumably be redeemable as a skin in Halo Infinite. Similar rewards will also include vehicle skins in Forza Horizon 5 e skin per navi in Sea of Thieves.

The special packs will hit shelves in Italy and 21 other countries starting January 16, 2023. They will be available “while stocks last”.

In the past, Oreo and Microsoft had already collaborated on a joint marketing maneuver. In 2019, for example, Microsoft released an Oreo-themed Xbox Series X.

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