Tutti gli annunci di Amazon al CES 2023: dal videocitofono alle novità Alexa thumbnail

All of Amazon’s announcements at CES 2023: from the video intercom to the Alexa news

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas officially ended yesterday, January 8, 2023, where Amazon presented several new products and experiences reserved for customers. They range from technologies for the home and the car to the news for the Alexa virtual assistant.

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Amazon at CES 2023: all announcements

Ring Car Cam is a dual camera controlled by the Ring App, unique in that it records both when the car is in motion and when it is turned off. When the car is parked, Car Cam’s intelligent sensors can detect events in and around the vehicle. If an event is detected, such as a break-in, the camera starts recording and sends a real-time alert to the Ring app. At that point it is possible to observe live what is happening or get in touch with whoever is in the car. Car Cam also has a unique call feature Traffic Stop. Just say “Alexa, record” and the camera will record what’s happening, even if the car is parked.

Ring Peephole Cam is a video entry phone with advanced features that can be installed above the peephole on the door. Peephole Cam it features a 1080p HD camera with night vision, two-way audio and motion detection. Installation is quick, easy and takes minutes, with no permanent changes required.

Alexa for EV Charging: Electric vehicle (EV) charging is becoming much more convenient thanks to new EV charging features with Alexa integration. From 2023, electric vehicle drivers in the United States will be able to ask Alexa to help them find and reach public charging points, as well as to pay through a simple voice request such as “Alexa, find an electric vehicle charging station near me ”.

Also among the announcements are several collaborations to integrate new voice commands for Alexa. Among these we highlight:

  • Panasonic Automotive
  • Josh.ai
  • Disney
  • Sidewalk
  • Matter
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