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Orlando Bloom becomes a King of Avalon character

FunPlusa leading mobile game developer and publisher, today announced a partnership with the movie star Orlando Bloom to bring his character to life in King of Avalon, a free medieval mobile strategy game inspired by the legend of King Arthur. The actor worked closely with FunPlus in the creation of a fearless new hero of Avalon, “Orlando the Nightshard”.

Orlando Bloom becomes a King of Avalon character

Starting today and for the next few months, Orlando will be a playable character with a custom storyline in the universe of King of Avalon. The actor leaves his iconic Lord of the Rings bow to take the Nightshard Bladeforged from dragon’s blood, and lead the inhabitants of Avalon to victory.

“We are honored to welcome a star with Orlando Bloom’s talent to the King of Avalon universe,” he explains Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus. “The team has done an amazing job shaping this character and developing a bespoke story that King of Avalon fans will love. We can’t wait for our community to discover Orlando the Nightshard and explore his history and his abilities in the game. ”

Orlando Bloom arriva in King of Avalon con a precise story behind it. The new hero was once a famous and respected knight, until the Unmelted, evil creatures that brought cold and terror to Avalon appeared. One day, while traveling alone, Orlando was attacked by a horde and, as he tried to repel them, his right hand was hit by an ice blade.

Without hesitation, Orlando cut off his hand but the curse of that wound was more powerful than he thought, turning him half into one of those creatures himself. When Orlando returned home, he discovered that this new identity of his aroused fear and hatred in the people in Avalon, so he became an outcast, heading to Dragonsholm City looking for a place to stay.

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