DIESEL launches the new platform for NFT: here is D: VERSE

DIESEL lancia la nuova piattaforma per NFT: ecco D:VERSE thumbnail

After the recent debut collaboration in NFT with The Fabricant and Neuno, DIESEL is expanding its vision of metaverso. The company has indeed launched D:VERSEa new collection in NFT (non-fungible token) ranging from real life and the virtual. Let’s find out all the details together.

DIESEL launches D: VERSE and expands its metaverse vision

D:VERSE is an engaging platform that understands unique NFT editions of the iconic pieces of the show, as well as clothing, sneakers and physical (and limited edition) accessories. It also allows access to the D:VERSE family – through which DIESEL NFT holders will be able to meet through a Discord private channel – and to D:VERSE KEY.

The latter is a token that will give exclusive rights for pre-sales of NFT a discounted price, lotteries, free launchesmore wearable accessories in the metaverse and news regarding the new DIESEL games and projects.

DIESEL inaugurates D: VERSE with the launch of a NFT collection of unique pieces from the Fall / Winter 2022 collection, recently presented in Milan. These flagship products, which include a fur jacket, a down jacket, a sneaker and an accessory, will be available according to a logic of “first come first served” as far as out of stock. It has also been revealed that such an NFT will become very rarein an edition of 1, with an exclusive auction that will take place through Rarible, a partner of DIESEL, the 12 March.

The transformation of these physical products into the digital world will come with one special customization option dedicated to this launch. The limited edition sneakers, in particular, will be released in one variant chosen through a vote determined by the holders of NFT DIESEL.

The old money and the cryptovalute are accepted. Moreover, through the platform, DIESEL will offer a tutorial to set up an e-wallet (digital wallet). If you are not a crypto expert, don’t worry because NFTs will also be available on the official website.