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Oscar 2022: the award ceremony risks a total boycott

Due to the decision to cut the award ceremony of 8 categories from the live broadcast of the 2022 Oscars, general indignation reigns at the Academy

After the somewhat disappointing share of the live broadcast of the 2021 Oscar awards, it seems that the Academy and the ABC have made an agreement that provides for cut eight awards from direct that is: best editing, best sound, best soundtrack, best makeup and hairstyles, best short film, best documentary short film, best scenography, best animation short film. These awards will be grouped into a quick final montage to be aired at the end of the show.

The goal would be to reduce the duration of the live broadcast and to give more space to dance numbers and comic curtains.

Air of revolt

It seems that for a few hours rumors have been circulating that the five candidates of the best soundtrackthat is, Nicholas Britell (Don’t Look Up), Germaine Franco (Encanto), Jonny Greenwood (The power of the dog), Alberto Iglesias (Madres Paralelas) and Hans Zimmer (Dune), intend to skip the ceremony directly. And it seems that too the directors support this decision siding on the side of their “artisans”. And that could mean they’ll miss the Oscars too.

Oscar 2022: the award ceremony risks a total boycott

This eventuality would send the Academy completely haywire, which for the 2022 edition has invented the category of Fan Favorite Award only to save face after leaving Spider-Man: No Way Home almost starving. This sop given to the Studios has pissed off pretty much everyonebecause he underlined the differentiation that continues to be made between auteur cinema and blockbusters.

Anti-inclusiveness initiative

It also appears that the eight “unfortunate” nominees for the 2022 Oscars will have to enter the Dolby Theater about 40 minutes beforehand compared to the winners of the other categories, who in the meantime will be on the red carpet.

This means that the audience will be half-empty and this explains the reason why the reaction to the prize and the walk in the midst of applause from the chair to the stage will be excluded from the final assembly. It is not yet clear what will become of the thank you speeches.

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