Our Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series Review: A New Wireless in Town

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Now captured by the world of wireless, today we want to present ours Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series review. It is a fairly small peripheral, completely wireless and with RGB lighting. Compared to its wired cousin it gains a few grams, but completely loses the cables, for a much more “free” experience. It is a device suitable for right-handed users only, with coloring total black. Connectivity Hyper-fast, fino a 26000 DPI, materials of excellent workmanship, soft shapes; the Corsair home peripheral wants to enter the competitive world, will it be successful? Let’s find out all the details in our Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series review.

Review Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series: soft shapes, solid structure

Let’s open our review of Corsair Sabre Pro Wireless Champion Series telling you a little about his appearance. We have a mouse with very smooth lines, with dimensions of 129 x 70 x 43 mm, for a weight of about 79 grams. It is a solution designed for the right-handed, both in terms of shapes and keys. In fact, we do not have a symmetrical shape and we find the side keys only on one side. As for the grip and ergonomics factor, we note that the upper shell moves slightly to the left allowing you to have excellent palm grip. The claw grip, which fits well in medium / small hands.

We have one tota coloringl black, interrupted only by logo, illuminated with RGB LEDs, on the back. There are no other lighting areas, neither near the side buttons (as in the wired model), nor near the wheel. The lower part is also very sober and has little ones piedini in PTFE really excellent in terms of scrolling.

The peripheral it has seven keys, 6 of which are fully programmable: we have the two clicks (right and left), the central click of the wheel, the button for adjusting the DPI, the two side buttons and a button at the bottom to change the profiles.

Flawless hardware

After taking an outside look at it, it’s time to focus our review of Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series on the hardware part. As for the sensor, we find a Corsair Marksman proprietary sensor able to reach up to 26000 DPI. We have acceleration up to 50G, IPS 650 it’s a polling rate fino a 2000 Hz. Also from the point of view of the keys we have nothing to complain about the Corsair Quickstrike buttons and the switch OMRON which give precision, speed and stability.

The mouse can be connected via Bluetooth technology, to save some battery whether you are working on or using Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz. All supported by connectivity Hyper-fast it’s a IFS functionality which allows you to always have a stable connection on every occasion.

We’ve never had any problems on the battlefield. We took our Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series to Battlefield 2042 and put it to the test. The peripheral has always responded to the best of its ability, giving us great moments. Always accurate, but above all very reliable, he never missed a beat. Responsiveness has also always lived up to expectations.

We manage everything through software, but not only

Corsair Sabre Pro Wireless Champion Series it is a completely autonomous device from the point of view of use. Once the key is inserted, in fact, we can start using it without problems. In fact, some predefined profiles have been loaded inside the mouse. Through dedicated key, we can change the different pre-set DPI stages, or we can also increase (or decrease) the PPE at will. By holding down the dedicated button and one of the two side buttons, we can increase by 50 DPI at a time.

To have a total control, however, Corsair offers its software: iCUE. Through this program we can manage everything in the best way. We can create different custom profiles, both in terms of assignment and coloring. We will have one section completely dedicated to RGB LED lighting, from which we can choose color and effect. Another section, on the other hand, allows us to modify the different stages of PPE. There is no lack of surface calibration and hardware assignment, through which we can assign keys and macros directly to the peripheral. The management software is certainly well structured and full of features, but definitely not very intuitive. In fact, remapping the keys proves to be really complicated compared to other competing software.

Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series Review: Did You Convince Us?

We have come to the end of the our review of Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series and, as usual, we must make our final considerations. Has this mouse really convinced us? Generally speaking we can say yes. We have a very good peripheral from a structural point of view, quite solid and made with good materials. The keys are excellent, both in terms of pressure, both from the point of view of reactivity. Sober shapes, excellent for any kind of use. Good connectivity, both from the point of view of variety and in terms of stability. The price, of about 99€, it is not low, but given the offer it is not too high. It is an excellent right-handed product that also proves interesting on a competitive level.

If you want to buy the Corsair Saber Pro Wireless Champion Series, you can do it from the official website, now on sale.