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Our Nokia X10 review: a new baby

After having a look at the brother, today we bring you to the heart of ours Nokia X10 review to tell you about another smartphone with a low price, but with interesting features. Let’s talk about a smartphone equipped with one Snapdragon 480 5G, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory expandable. It is a product on the medium-low range, little more than 300€, which however manages to bring out something good. In substance it is practically identical to the Nokia X20, although it differs in the camera which, in this model, is slightly inferior. Let’s go, therefore, to see in detail what we are talking about and what changes compared to the X20 model.

Nokia X10 review

Nokia X10 review: a style that is not too sophisticated

A aesthetic level the Nokia X10 does not differ much from its brother X20. We have no particular colors or shapes: a simple, dark-colored livery and nothing more. The back is made of plastic, although it looks quite durable. Also in the back, there is space ZEISS camera which is slightly lower than the X20 model: despite having good stabilization, we have “only” 48 MP.

During our Nokia X10 review, we noticed that the packaging is definitely eco-friendly; inside we do not find the battery charger, while an ecological cover and a pre-applied screen film are included. The smartphone is not excessively heavy, but not that light either, since we are talking about 220 grams.


What display are we talking about?

Nokia X10 has a 6.67 “Full HD + LCD display, the quality is not bad, both in terms of definition and in terms of colors. The brightness is good and is sufficient even in good outdoor light. The refresh is quite basic, let’s talk about the classic 60 Hz that certainly do not excite. Another point that did not hit us fully is the edge of the mobile phone: the screen margins are quite conspicuous and the frame is noticeable when taking the mobile phone in hand. Also on the front, the front camera is also shown, in the center of the screen, at the top which is not overly showy.

Nokia X10 review: good performance, great battery life

We conclude our Nokia X10 review with an analysis of its performance. This is certainly not a smartphone for gaming, but more than one mobile for everyday use. It is equipped with Android 11 and provides a guaranteed update for 3 years. Handling of multitasking is quite good, we had no difficulty managing multiple applications. As mentioned this is not a smartphone for gaming, but if you want to indulge in a few games of some simpler game, do not be afraid, you can do it without problems.

Excellent, however, the autonomy given by the mix of one rather large battery, from 4470 mAh and good power / usage management. This allows us to arrive safely at the end of the day without too many thoughts.

If you want to buy Nokia X10, you can do it on the official website.
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