La nostra anteprima di Fractured Online: un MMORPG così non lo avete mai visto thumbnail

Our preview of Fractured Online: you have never seen an MMORPG like this

It hasn’t come out yet, but Fractured Online it is already making a name for itself internationally. L’MMORPG with mechanics sandbox from gamigo and Italian Dynamight Studios, seems to have what it takes to give new life to this genre of video games by enriching the universe with original and innovative mechanics. We got to chat with the developers of Fractured Online and look at some of the mechanics of the title that we can’t wait to tell you about in this one preview.

But let’s start with order.

What is Fractured Online?

As anticipated, Fractured Online is a dynamic and open world sandbox MMORPG, in which we will be able to shape our very personal story. In this title in fact there will be no type of predetermined pathwe will be able to decide whether to go on an adventure, become good blacksmiths, focus on building properties, create a commercial empire or fight against other players to become the strongest in the kingdom. There is no limit to the possibilities.

Fractured Online is also one of the first open-world sandbox MMORPGs to mix action combat with fully dynamic environments. This means that we will be able to undertake or create our own story in complete freedom; playing alone, with another group or being part of an entire city. Likewise we will have available lots of resources to collect or trade, weapons and armor to build, items of furniture from position and many, many enemies to defeat.

Fortunately, we will have one on our side developed and intricate skill tree that will provide us with useful skills and attacks to excel both in battle and out, obviously all depending on our style of play. The freedom of Fractured Online is reflected in theabsence of predefined classes, moving away from the more classic role-playing games. You want to be an archer with a passion for trading, why not! A wizard as well as a blacksmith and builder, but of course! Limits are not part of Fractured Online.

Fractured Online

Dynamight Studios


Our preview of Fractured Online

fractured online anteprima

Thanks to Gamigo and Dynamight Studios, we got to watch (Hands-off) some game sequences in live together with the developers who told us more about Fractured Online. Let’s start by saying that to play this title we must forget the classic mechanics typical of MMORPGs. The originality of Fractured Online is reflected in some mechanics such as the intriguing crafting system. In fact, the vast majority of objects will be created by users that through exchanges and businesses will spread the tools so as to always create new ones and give way to a real economic system. Forget the loot of a wild mouse that leaves full armor on the ground.

This starts a long process of creation of the world by the players themselves. Here arises the interesting mechanics of different kingdoms from each planet (which we will talk about later in the article) and which can be conquered by players. The latter can indeed join in guild per acquire a kingdom and make land available for other players who, of course, will have to pay taxes to use or expand their lot. Of course, a kingdom won’t be safe forever, someone else could take possession of it, which results in enthralling battles between kingdoms that will have to defend themselves to maintain power.

On our land we will be able to build our house or our shop with many furnishing and functional elements to craft objects or enchant them and make unique pieces of equipment. To use ourselves to explore the world and defeat enemies or to sell to other players. There are no wrong answers but only ways to take.

A living world to be explored

fractured online anteprima

They think about expanding the already vast world of Fractured Online other worlds! In the game they are in fact present three races to choose from: the humansthe only ones currently available, i demons e i wildfolk (beast-men). The race will determine, in addition to the physical appearance of the character, also the features of the villages and cities, the society in which we will live, the deities to pray to and the skills and spells to be used. Last but not least, the planet to start the game on. In Fractured Online there are indeed three planets available depending on the race, each with elements, enemies and a unique structure of its kind. During the game we will also be able to visit the other planets, but how they will welcome us depends on the race we have chosen.

As if that wasn’t enough, our character’s abilities can be altered and improved even by enemies. In fact, every time we defeat a certain species of enemy, we will gain more experience on its characteristics and vulnerabilities. We could indeed cause more and more harm and even learn some skills used by enemies to benefit ourselves. In Fractured online we will have the opportunity to master over 400 different abilities and 40 unique status effects.

The preview of Fractured Online at a glance

In our Hands-off hour we have seen the main mechanics of Fractured Online that we have just told you about, but we know that the game is able to offer much much more. Not only. Fractured Online is currently in full development and one is active Closed Beta for those who decide to buy the game before its launch. This results in a huge amount of extra content arriving before the publication of the game which will take place in the winter of 2022.

The possibilities of this title are extraordinary and constantly growing and we can only imagine what still awaits us.

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