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Our review of Huawei Nova 9: ​​the smartphone of content creators

Huawei Nova 9 the newcomer to the house Huawei and is configured as a device that looks to the future of the company, keeping well anchored to what are the cornerstones of design to which the Chinese company has accustomed us over the years. We at Tech Princess have had the opportunity to try Huawei Nova 9 in the field and, after having tested it for a long time, we offer you our review.

Huawei Nova 9: ​​our review

Let’s start from the hardware side, which is also the field of which it is easier to talk about this Huawei Nova 9. The device has a solid and elegant design, particularly suitable for outdoor use. A non-random choice, as we will soon see. Here, however, we can already see the eccentricity of Nova 9, which has curved edges on the display, which emphasize the quality of the images on the screen.

The front display, on the other hand, is a unit YOU ARE, with a central hole in the upper part dedicated to the front camera. Not missing a refresh rate da 120 Hz, which makes the entire panel responsive to say the least in every context in which we put it to the test.

Huawei Nova 9: ​​our review

Going more specifically, the Nova 9’s display shows 1.07 billion colors, with a touch sampling rate of 300Hz for better responsiveness. Combined with Full-Path P3 color support, the display ensures a spectacular viewing experience with smooth images, vivid colors and incredible detail. Elements that we feel we can confirm without reservation.

A small non-disabling concern concerns the processor, which is one Snapdragon 778G, which if on the one hand it has proved to be relatively efficient in almost every situation, on the other hand it does not allow the smartphone to always give its best, remaining a little behind its list price.

The cameras

HUAWEI nova 9 has a 32MP high resolution. Similar to the rear camera, it also supports the4K video capture and AIS (AI Image Stabilization) video stabilization to be able to create high definition videos while talking in front of the camera or while talking about what is happening around. It is precisely here that the smartphone gives its best, as was already understood in the communication.

In fact, Nova 9 is proposed as a device particularly suitable for vlogger e content creator, a profession in which a front camera with these characteristics can be decisive to say the least. In ours we tried to use the smartphone in this way, taking the opportunity to take a trip out of town to a botanical park on Lake Garda.

Huawei Nova 9: ​​our review

The results did not disappoint us, giving us really high-level Instagram stories in which the details of the nature around us were excellently rendered. Sore point instead for the front camera, which mounts a 50MP main sensor, theoretically able to give high-level shots, which is however partially tempered by the little support from the auxiliary lenses.

A real shame, given that this feature prevents the smartphone from becoming a truly all-round device, and that in this way it remains one of many, without particularly distinguishing itself from its competitors of similar workmanship.

The software side

Perhaps one of the more controversial sides of the Huawei Nova 9 is the software side, as the Chinese company has lost support for Google’s services. Having said that, the company has adapted very well to its new condition, proposing rather reliable and also well-thought-out alternative solutions.

One of these functions above all is the Petal search, without counting the possibility of installing applications from the web but in any case verified by Huawei itself, which naturally allows all users to be able to use their desired applications in total safety. Of course, it must be said that the installation process is not exactly comfortable, but it is a good compromise, given the absence of a dedicated store.

HUAWEI nova 9 also includes a number of updates regarding the Huawei Mobile Services pre-installed, in particular AppGallery which reached 560 million monthly active users, supported by 5.1 million registered developers and partners to consistently offer a wide range of apps to choose from.

Either way, Huawei nova 9 offers a user-based experience EMUI 12 its base Android 11. On a visual and aesthetic level, this new version of EMUI closely follows what has been seen with the Harmony versions installed on Huawei smartphones in China, which makes navigation really enjoyable despite the fact that this configuration can raise an eyebrow to the most skeptical.


In conclusion, we can only recommend this Huawei Nova 9, which is configured as the first real rebirth of the company after the American ban, which now seems nothing more than a distant memory.

We close our review of Huawei Nova 9 by specifying that the price of 499 euros, it might seem like a very high price but there are several variables to consider. For example, as a gift we find the Freebuds Pro, one of the best wireless headphones in terms of noise cancellation. The device is also well built and boasts a high-speed OLED display, a good software compartment and above all the cameras, which elevate it to the perfect device for those who want to make the most of their shots.

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