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Our Sims will no longer have incestuous wishes – the patch arrives

The Sims 4: Patch Removes Incestuous Wishes and Aging Bug. Thumbnail

It has been intense weeks on The Sims 4, especially after the release of the High School Life Pack, which brought numerous bugs in-game, now finally fixed with the relative patches.

Among the most obvious – and embarrassing – was certainly the immoral will of our Sims to have romantic relationships with their families. Not only that: another bug caused our beloved pixelated characters to age prematurely, dying earlier than expected. Life is short – but on The Sims 4 it is more.

EA releases a patch for The Sims 4 that fixes several bugs

A recent update seems to have fixed both of these problems. The patch notes point out that now i Sim will no longer have incestuous wishes, e they will age in a “natural” way, without sudden deaths and noticeable wrinkles at the tender age of 10. Furthermore EA reiterated that older Sims will no longer be able to flirt with teens. Which makes the gaming experience much less “awkard”, as the English speakers say.

Finally, the new update also improves other minor bugs in the game, such as the movement of the characters.

It was all very embarrassing, we have to admit. Embarrassing but fun. To deepen the problems, now finally resolved, read also:

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