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Our Woojer Edge Vest review: it really exists

Telling you in one written review of Woojer Edge Vest is not at all simple, but we will try to find the right words to express the feelings experienced. What are we talking about? How does it work? What is it for and why should you buy it? In writing this piece we will try to answer all the main questions on the subject that we know are many. First of all we are talking about a device that aims to give you a haptic feedback of the sound. What does it mean? It means its purpose is to make you feel the bass vibrations on the body. It is a particular sensation, but very close to situations that many of you will have already experienced in life. Let’s go, therefore, to see the Woojer Edge Vest in more detail.

Package Contents:

  • Woojer Edge Vest
  • Power supply (+ different adapters)
  • USB-C cable
  • Cavo Jack 3.5mm
  • Manual

Woojer Edge Vest review

Woojer Edge Vest review: what are we talking about?

As mentioned at the beginning of our review, today we want to talk to you about Woojer Edge Vest. Although many believe that it was a huge fake, in truth, the product really exists. It is, in essence, a garment made of fabric and plastic, inside which six sensory points are placed (in the technical detail, we find two OSCI TRX52 transducers, with a frequency response of 1Hz-200Hz). Explained in very simple words, these points are capable of reproduce haptic feedback of the sound. Wearing the device, therefore, you can hear the sound directly on your body.

The operation of the Woojer Edge Vest is quite simple and intuitive and does not need too many explanations. The robe features its own battery, which recharges in about 3 hours using a USB-C cable and holds a charge for about 8 hours. Once loaded, the device can be connected to the PC via the USB-C port placed on the left side. In the same HUB there is also the entrance to the 3.5mm jack into which the headphones will be inserted for sound reproduction. Everything can also work via Bluetooth. Once all the connections have been made, again through this part of the Vest, we can adjust both the intensity of bass reproduction on the body and the volume in the headphones.

A few small details

Before moving on to the sensory side, we want to tell you some further details about the Woojer Edge Vest. First of all we are talking about a product built with good materials and very robust. It is not a featherweight, far from it: with his own 2Kg makes itself felt and how. Once worn, however, it does not feel an unbearable weight, although it is not a product designed for long sessions. Thanks to the various adjustable straps, the dress can be worn on the most different subjects, starting from quite small people, up to important dimensions.

On the left shoulder strap, at approximately the height of the breastplate, we find the mechanism that allows us to control the entire product. We have USB-C inputs, 3.5mm jacks, the charging port. The HUB itself features a series of buttons for adjusting and controlling vibration and volume output. In the center of the same we find an on and off button which is illuminated by a “Smart” LED: it will be green if it is charged, red flashing when unloaded, blue in pairing with Bluetooth. There are transducers on the whole structure: two at shoulder blade height, two on the sides at waist height and two on the front shoulder straps at chest height.

Woojer Edge Vest Worn Review

How does it feel with the Woojer Edge Vest?

The plus part hard of our review of Woojer Edge Vest is trying to convey the sensations we have tried. This is not something common and not even that simple, yet it was astounding. I have tried the robe on several occasions, both while playing and listening to music or the reproduction of a film. The sensory amplification of sound is something difficult to describe, but it is a crazy emotion. In many moments I felt even closer to what I was feeling. I think the best feeling can be obtained while watching a movie, or in some particularly narrated game. Not that you can’t enjoy this feeling in others, but in those contexts immersion is at its best.

While listening to music I perceived the maximum power of the dress, but I don’t think I have tasted the best of how it works. Furthermore, calibrating the intensity is not so simple, precisely because it is something not common. Raising the level too much is exhausting, but lowering it too much makes the product virtually ineffective.

haptic sound

Woojer Edge Vest review: is it worth it?

Woojer Edge Vest is an excellent product, give her unique features and surprising. If we were to judge only its technical characteristics it would be approved 100% with full marks. This is not an indispensable item, but at times it can change your level of enjoyment of each sound experience. Being able to perceive sound also on a physical level is something that, certainly, is not every day. Why are we hesitant then? For the price. The robe retails for around € 500, even if, with the current discounts, we can take it home for € 375. Unfortunately, however, this is certainly not an affordable price for everyone and, although the experience is unique, it is certainly not an irrelevant detail.

Overall we can define ourselves definitely satisfied with the product itself, we really appreciated his abilities, but maybe it’s not his time yet. For now, it will probably remain a niche product, but we are sure that, even with the advancement of 3D technology, can become a tool not to be missed.

If you want buy the Woojer Edge Vest, you can do it directly from the official website.
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