Outbrain: here is Engagement Bid Strategy, campaign optimization

Outbrain: ecco Engagement Bid Strategy, lo strumento di ottimizzazione delle campagne thumbnail

Outbrain Inc. has announced the release of Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS): a new automated solution created for performance optimization, which does not require the use of third-party cookies or website tracking codes, and which can also be for a wider range of campaign objectives.

The new product also works to the maximum on the creative service of the ads and adjusts the “cost-per-click” offer by making a report of the data from the analysis system of the advertiser’s website.

Outbrain: Engagement Bid Strategy, the business point of view

“We continue to innovate for marketers ahead of the curve,” he said Yaron Galai, Founder and Co-CEO of Outbrain. “EBS is specifically designed to help marketers drive campaign performance in a cookieless world.”

“We analyze campaign performance and audience behavior data directly from the advertiser’s analytics system and automatically optimize the campaign for you,” he said. Lior Charka, Outbrain Vice President of Product. “As brands are struggling to get customer attention, we expect that adding attention metrics within our platform will help marketers optimize their campaigns for the user and their interests in a cookieless way. , driving long-term results ”.

EBS also makes campaign setup and performance much easier and faster since it does not require any campaign tracking code – reported many times as “performance pixels” – to be installed on the advertiser’s website. .