Raccolti oltre 6 milioni di dollari con Bundle for Ukraine thumbnail

Over 6 million dollars raised with Bundle for Ukraine

More than three weeks after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the situation continues to be very dramatic. Yet, organizations and individuals around the world have taken steps to secure their support for the victims of the invasion. In this sense, the gaming world has been characterized by a very successful initiative. The Bundle for Ukrainewith 1000 games made by Itch.io, allowed to collect 6370552.22 dollars by 4,49628 different people, thus exceeding the target set at 6 million.

Bundle for Ukraine: over 6 million dollars raised thanks to Itch.io

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues unabated, the world is mobilizing to support the Ukrainian people affected by Putin’s violent attack. The “Bundle for Ukraine” initiative, for example, raised over 6 million dollars to be donated to charity. In particular, the money raised will be divided between the group International Medical Corpsawhich offers free medical care in war-affected places, e Voices of Children, which supports thousands of children and refugees in need. A hugely successful charity initiative, which saw the participation of thousands of developers around the world.

In this regard, Itch.io points out that in the package in support of Ukraine as many as 600 of the almost 1000 titles present had never separated from the bundles created by the platform before. In fact, it should be emphasized that Itch.io is not the only reality in the gaming sector to have participated. In fact, many software houses have given their contribution. Square Enixeg, donated a whopping 500,000 dollars to help Ukraine and its entire population. In short, everyone is moving in support of the Ukrainian people threatened by Putin’s attack.

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