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Overland-Tandberg: the increasingly used tape solutions

Overland-Tandberg’s tape solutions are winning the trust of an ever-increasing number of companies, here is the potential

Overland-Tandberga leading storage tech company with over 10,000 partners in more than 100 countries worldwide, is gaining the trust of a ever increasing number of companies with its tape solutions, which are increasingly chosen for the secure archiving of their data over time.

Scanned documents of various types, including photo, video, presentactions, works that have already been completed and delivered and, more generally, all those types of assets and data which you do not need to access on a daily basis, but which should be archived to be able to consult them in case of need, can be stored on tape at a cost distinctly lower compared to that of hard disks, to which the “hot data”.

Overland-Tandberg: the increasingly used tape solutions

The main features | Overland-Tandberg

The technology a tape, in fact, it boasts a series of peculiarities which make it particularly advantageous for “long-term” archiving or in any case for infrequently used documents. Firstly, magnetic tapes allow you to store large amounts of data much cheaper than magnetic tapes hard drives, a feature that makes them the optimal solution for the organizations they need to manage large amounts of information. Additionally, magnetic tapes have the ability to retain data for over 30 years and are significantly less prone to failure than magnetic tapes. hard disk.

To be able to best respond to every type of need, from those of the smallest to the most structured ones, Overland-Tandberg offers a wide range of solutions based on technology a tape, which include internal and external drives for LTO 7, 8 and 9, as well as robotic rackmount solutions such as the NEOxl 80, which is capable of offering over 25 PB of storage capacity and transfer rates up to 113.4 TB /hr.

The robotic tape drives of Overland-Tandberg, in addition to providing a large storage capacity, they also ensure extreme simplicity of management. To ensure the maximum security garlic archives e keep them away finally, the designer tape solutions from prying eyes Overland-Tandberg they make use of sophisticated algorithms Of encryption, able to offer the highest levels of data protection.

Overland-Tandberg: the increasingly used tape solutions

Company declarations | Overland-Tandberg

Michelangelo DiIanniItaly Channel Sales Manager di Overland-Tandberg thus spoke concerning the growing success.

Ideal for implementing air-gapped backup strategies, with which to secure your data from ransomware attacks, LTO 7, 8 and 9 tapes are undoubtedly the most suitable type of media on which to archive data long-term . In addition to an unbeatable cost per TB, in fact, these media are able to guarantee unequaled and indisputable levels of reliability over time, in addition to high performance and maximum ease of use. In light of all this, I believe that the current growth trend of these solutions can only be confirmed, giving us and our commercial partners considerable satisfaction

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