Honda brevetta l'airbag per la motocicletta thumbnail

Honda patents motorcycle airbag

Honda patents motorcycle airbag thumbnail


Honda patent theairbag for the motorcycle. There japanese house is very attentive to the safety of motorcyclists. At the dawn of 2000, you spread the first studies for airbag systems to be applied to motorcycles. Then, in 2006, on the model Gold Wing we see that it mounts a security system. But the flaw is that its effectiveness is limited to specific circumstances, with the pilot seated correctly and in a frontal impact.

The idea is not put on the market. In the meantime, numerous companies are spreading solutions for airbags inserted into clothing. Honda continues its research by specializing. The latest solution presented is the patent application for airbag systems mounted on the vehicle, but which work like an item of clothing: in the event of an impact, they wrap around the rider and detach from the motorbike, accompanying him in flight.

Honda’s patents for the motorcycle airbag

They were several schemes are proposed, all with the same characteristics. So there are two proposals: the first includes l’airbag and the device Of inflation contained in the front part of the saddle. In the event of an accident the protective bag it is shot up between the legs and is shaped to wrap around the torso and shoulders. Let’s say that hearing an airbag explode between your legs is perplexing.

Honda Airbag 1

Honda Airbag 2

Honda Airbag

The second system is identical to the first. This assumes the airbag and inflator are in the part back of the saddle. They wrap the rider forward passing under the arms and also protecting the back. In both versions it is expected that the sacco of the airbag is sealed using heat and disconnects from the inflator and the motorcycle as soon as it is inflated. This is followed by speed-controlled deflation, as is the case with all conventional airbags. It is not obvious that the system will be adopted or that it will be in this form, but it is very interesting because it would also be effective for those wearing conventional clothing.

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