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Overwatch 2: Double Experience Points Weekend Begins

Double experience points weekend finally begins on Overwatch 2, a period in which you will have the opportunity to level up much faster

It’s been a while since the launch of Overwatch 2the new Competitive FPS in teams with license plate Blizzard. In all this time, players have had the opportunity to face a lot of matches and level up often, but for some, earning XP may be too slow and tedious a process. Fortunately, starting today everyone will have the opportunity to level much faster thanks to the first double experience points weekend di Overwatch 2.

Get ready to grind levels in Overwatch 2 with this mini event

If you’ve played the first chapter of Overwatch for sure you know the typical double experience point weekends well, but for newbies this will be the first time. For the uninitiated, this mini event will allow you to receive double experience points at the end of each match and this effect adds to the bonuses that can already be obtained by playing in a group or by playing consecutive games. The event started today 21 Octoberee will go on until midnight of Monday 24 October.

Thanks to this initiative you will have the opportunity to level up very quickly but for the moment we do not know if the bonus is also applied to challenges. This is in fact the first double experience point weekend of Overwatch 2 and consequently it is not yet possible to know precisely how it will work.

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