Overwatch: the August event will also put an end to the sale of loot boxes

Overwatch: the August event will also put an end to the sale of loot boxes

Overwatch: the August event will also put an end to the sale of loot boxes

The “surprise mechanics” as loved by producers as hated by players are at an end: no more loot boxes for Overwatch

The Anniversary Remix Volume 3 event of Overwatch has opened its doors, and there is time until August 30th before both the event and the sale of loot box. That’s right: the celebration in three acts for the hero shooter by Blizzard Entertainment also intends to take away all the holidays (like a bizarre Epiphany late, or well in advance) for the coffers of the development team. In reality, it will still be possible to get pigeon-holed rewards during normal gameplay even after the event closes, but for that type of rewards the countdown will last until the sequel launches.

The reactions of the trade press on the end of the loot boxes in Overwatch

We remember in fact that Overwatch 2 intends to replace the loot boxes with a more acceptable, albeit FOMO-powered, model à la Fortnite. We therefore speak of pass battaglia e you in-game store for cosmetic items. All chests still closed will be opened automatically as soon as the sequel is available, as you switch between games. Of course, the sequel will also make the predecessor unplayable, as they both use the same client. The reactions of the community did not take long to make themselves heard, and to echo them it provided the wording of the titles by the sector press.

The cost of the cosmetic items has not yet been revealed, but a survey has already asked players the big question. However, the $ 45 for mythic skins and $ 25 for legendary ones are, according to Blizzard’s statement on the matter, a non-indicative estimate of the final price. We will, of course, have to wait for more details as the game arrives. The successor will be available in early access il 4th of October. The confirmed platforms are Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and PS5. The business model will, predictably, be the lucrative combination of free-to-play and cross-play.

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