Ovy, the virtual assistant who answers emails, has arrived

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By now, anyone who works face to face with a computer spends a good (indeed, an excessive) part of the day managing the countless emails that invade the mailbox every day.

Responding to essential communications and trashing the (many) others. And then extricating yourself from the spam jungle. Not only because of all the emails that correctly end up there, but also because of those that go there wrongly. And which require us, as long as it is not too late, to “exhume” them by transferring them to the inbox. Not to mention the time it takes to formulate the right answer each time.

Good now thanks to a virtual assistant many of these operations (which according to a recent report by Mckinsey & Company take up 28% of most of us’ working day) may be a thing of the past.

His name is Ovy, his role is that of the virtual assistant, and technically it is an extension of Google Chrome. But in what sense will Ovy, an artificial intelligence developed by the Italian startup Userbot, be able to replace us in the disposal and response to emails? Let’s find out.

Ovy has arrived

Ovy, the first virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence, was therefore launched on the world market. It is able to generate complete, personalized and above all relevant email responses to the conversation that is taking place in a single click.

But how do you install and use the tool?

How do you install Ovy?

Ovy can be installed directly into your Gmail inbox using a Google Chrome extensiondownloadable from the browser’s web store.

Ovy is available both in the free version (with the generation of 50 reply emails) and in the premium version, which provides two different types of subscriptions (basic from 9.99 euros per month and pro from 24.90).

With the development of Ovy, Userbot’s goal is to offer a smart solution to the waste of time and energy of many professionals.

How does it work

Ovy, powered by artificial intelligence, automatically identifies who is the recipient and the content of the message. Thus, the formulated response will be consistent with the context of the communication.

Ovy is also multilingual: can recognize the language of the message in real time, in order to generate a response in the same language.

But how is it used? Once the extension is installed, just open the email you want to reply to and click on “Generate reply”. Alternatively, you can select one of the custom options and add any specific information, before sending the email with a click.

In fact, it will be possible to suggest the register and tone most appropriate to the context. The answer can therefore be formal, informal, generic, positive, negative, cheerful and so on.

To help the artificial intelligence provide realistic, detailed and relevant answers, you will need to select one of the icon buttons on Ovy: the thumb up, the thumb down and the thank you.

Ovy e Google Calendar

Thanks to the integration of Google Calendar, Ovy will also be able to plan future meetings.

With a click on the calendar, Ovy will compare the availability of the agenda and generate a response that will contain the proposal of a meeting on a specific date and at a specific time based on availability. Again this is a significant time saver.

Userbot’s comment

Antonio Giarrusso, Founder & CEO of Userbot, spoke on Ovya Milanese startup founded in 2017 that develops solutions to automate conversations between people and companies via chat, voice calls and virtual assistants with human appearances.

Giarrusso said: “We are thrilled with Ovy’s global feedback. It all started as an internal experiment but it worked so amazingly that we decided to build a complete product. In fact, Ovy was born from a real need and shared by all professionals, our team in the first place, who find themselves every morning in front of the full mailbox.

The application of artificial intelligence in daily activities is a plus for both professional and private time management. Looking to the future, we are sure that a symbiotic integration will be established between man and machine based on minimal interaction: Ovy is an example of this, the first step towards the future of email “.

Sprint start for Ovy

Just launched on the American Product Hunt portal, a global reference point for the technological innovations available on the market, in just one day Ovy was placed in second place in the ranking.

After some tests with the new extension, we can say that the premium plans offer more varied and “loose” answers compared to the free version, but certainly Ovy could be an excellent solution to save time, especially if – as is widely expected – it will be refined in the near future.

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