Owlet brings its products for monitoring the sleep of children to Italy

Owlet porta in Italia i suoi prodotti per il monitoraggio del sonno dei bimbi thumbnail

The lifestyle brand of technology Owlet announces his arrival in Italy with the launch of its flagship products. The baby monitor will be available to users Owlet Smart Sock and the Owlet Cam. Thank you to its products, the company helps users detect the sleep of newborns. The Owlet products at their debut in Italy have already monitored over 1 million children, confirming their remarkable qualities “in the field”.

Baby sleep tracking becomes easier with Owlet products

For Italian parents there is now the possibility of benefiting from a new peace of mind thanks to the launch of Owlet products in Italy. The company makes available Owlet Smart Sock e Owlet Cam to allow a simple user sleep tracking. The Smart Sock allows you to keep track of your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and sleep pattern. The Cam, on the other hand, streams 1080p video with night vision and two-way audio directly to the parent’s smartphone via a secure and encrypted Wi-Fi connection.

The new products are can be purchased directly online, via Amazon from the box below, for example, and allow users to benefit from a complete kit to monitor the baby’s sleep. Just pair the devices to the smartphone for complete monitoring.

The company comment

Leocadia De Oliveira, Country Manager Southern Europe, declares: “At Owlet our mission is to keep every child monitored and every parent peaceful. We want to give parents the security and freedom to sleep peacefully knowing that their baby is sleeping peacefully. The Smart Sock was designed to give parents access to the best technology – from the comfort of their own home – so they can live their lives without anxiety, while their baby is resting. “