Denon HEOS, all possible uses

What are all the possible usage scenarios for Denon HEOS? Let’s find out the list of the most complete services

Today we don’t carry an MP3 player in our pocket, as our mobile has become all we need to listen to music. For the music you have stored on your mobile, you need music players and to listen to streaming music, music applications such as online. If you want to listen to free music on your phone and legally, you have many alternatives at your disposal. Here we will see the best known to listen to music without paying absolutely anything.


When it comes to streaming music, Spotify is always one of the first applications that come to mind. Its free version from two years ago has reduced its limits, with hours of free music and a series of playlists that you can listen to without ads and without shuffle mode.

The free version of Spotify activates the shuffle mode when you try to play an entire track or playlist and the playback will be interrupted from time to time by advertisements.


Deezer is an application with an offer very similar to that of Spotify. With Deezer, you get free access to their 56 million songs, albeit with shuffle and ads.

The free version lets you listen to music without too much precision on the specific song, but otherwise it’s a good option that includes some additional tools, like song lyrics or an identifier of the song that’s playing.

YouTube Music

YouTube continues to be one of the simplest ways to listen to music through the official profiles of different singers, channels with compilations and the like.

The limitations of the free version of YouTube Music are, however, a little more restrictive than other applications on this list. Not only does it have commercials, but it prevents you from listening to music in the background, so you have to keep the screen on.

If, in turn, you want to get the most out of the music on your mobile phone and enjoy your favorite artists beyond your phone, anywhere in your home, the best option is the Denon HEOS multiroom application. By installing the application on as many devices as you want, you can enjoy different varieties of your favorite music in every corner of the house.

Amazon Music

Amazon’s music platform offers 2 million songs to Amazon Prime subscribers and another 58 million with an Amazon Prime Unlimited subscription. Those who don’t have Amazon Prime can listen to free music on Amazon Music, with some limitations.

The limitations are the same as we’ve seen over and over in other similar apps – you can’t choose exactly which song you want to play, and occasionally some ads interrupt your sessions.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the most established radio applications and has more than one hundred million downloads on Google Play.

On TuneIn Radio you will find stations for all tastes, genres and eras, as well as stations with news, podcasts, sports and anything else you can imagine. The free version gives you access to much of the content, while some stations are only available on TuneIn Radio Pro.


Another little-known alternative is Earbits, which has no ads or subscriptions of any kind, being able to switch between tracks as many times as you want, unlike other apps on this list.

Earbits is more focused on discovering music than playing the latest radio hits, although you’ll find stations with playlists for any music genre that interests you.

Why should you listen to music via apps? Benefits and advantages

It is no secret that listening to music can bring great benefits to the people who listen to it. It definitely makes them happier, improves your health, significantly reduces stress, can improve their performance in physical activities, improves memory and learning ability, increases verbal intelligence, reduces pain, etc.

But what exactly are the benefits of listening to music through an app? If you choose to stream songs, you can enjoy high quality.

You can also listen to music without an internet connection, so you don’t have to consume mobile data or have Wi-Fi nearby to enjoy your music.

You have the option to download and save songs on your smartphone. Some apps have the ability to reserve phone memory to store information that can be downloaded from the app, so you don’t have to download a song every time you listen to it.

Many of the available solutions allow the user not only to access the audio, but also to view the video clips of each song. They can also offer playlists and concerts. That is, you can listen to live concerts, shows, etc. Most payment options offer the ability to access content in the background. For example, you can watch movies in the background.