Pac-Man Community is the new multiplayer experience from Facebook Gaming

Pac-Man Community è la nuova esperienza multiplayer di Facebook Gaming thumbnail

Facebook announced Pac-Man Community, the new multiplayer experience available in the Gaming section. The game presents four-player cooperative game modes and the “maze creator” mode. Let’s find out all the details together.

Pac-Man Community, the new multiplayer experience

Pac-Man is ready to start gobble fruit e chasing ghosts in Pac-Man Community on Facebook Gaming. The new Facebook game, released on December 6, picks up the arcade gameplay of maze racing and gives it a touch multiplayer: a touch that will allow all the most seasoned players to have fun.

The main attraction of Pac-Man Community is the possibility of play Pac-Man co-op with up to three other people. The players work together to try to survive the annoying ghosts but, at the same time, they are also in competition to get the highest score. It is also possible to create rooms to play with your friends.

Instead, Facebook Gaming streamers can invite viewers to join their game with the feature Play with Streamer of Facebook.

Pac-Man Community also features the first of what Facebook calls Facebook Interactives with its modality “Watch”, which is being launched in beta. In Watch mode, 2D mazes are converted into one 3D isometric view and viewers can boost up Pac-Man or the ghosts. User-created maps can also appear in Watch mode, which means players may be able to create some interesting tests for AI-driven characters.

Facebook Gaming is part of the thriving metaverse concept of Meta, that is a virtual social hub. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in a post: “Gaming is a big part of the metaverse and I can’t wait to see games like this become more interactive and engaging.”

If you too are curious and want to try the new multiplayer experience on Facebook Gaming, you can consult the official website and start playing right away.