Some SD cards don’t work on new MacBook Pros

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Some online users have complained about the player’s malfunctions SD cards on the new ones MacBook Pro yes 14 e 16 inches. Some of the cards are unreachable, others have low transmission speeds. A problem for the many photographers and videomakers who want to use the new ones MacBook con M1 Pro e Max per l’editing.

MacBook Pro, some SD cards don’t work

The disservice is reported by MacRumors, which on its forums is selling more users complaining about the use of SD cards on new Macs. One user reports: “It seems super unstable and inconsistent. Half the time it recognizes the card (even if it takes 30 seconds per minute) e half the time it gives me an error. These are Sandisk Ultra, both XC and HC, formatted in my camera. I tried to reformat them with the MBP and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. All my cards work in my three USB readers ”.

Sometimes an error is shown, other Finder goes haywire. Sometimes the cards take minutes to become accessible. Formatting doesn’t seem to be the problem, although it could be one of the factors at play. It also appears that there is no connection with the SD card type or brand. But it seems that while the card reader is not working, connecting an external reader via USB-C seems to solve the problem.

One user writes: “formatting makes no difference. Sandisk, Sony, Samsung, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, UHS-I, UHS-II, micro-SD, FAT32, exFAT – it makes no difference. All land my cards work with the USB-C dongle“.

Some users have contacted Apple which seems to have reassured them that a software update should fix the problem. But others took advantage of the warranty by having their laptop replaced, which solved the problem. So at the moment it is not clear whether it is a software or hardware probleme.

The solution therefore does not seem to be unique. We will keep you updated as soon as there are more details on the affair.