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Panasonic 900+ Series six-blade razor review

Technology for day after day take care of your beard gets better and better. Between increasingly effective foams, accessories of all kinds for styling, the possibilities are endless. Even for those who prefer a clean look and find themselves having to shave almost daily, there are many options. Among these, the Panasonic Serie 900+which we put to the test in our review today.

The review of the Panasonic 900+ Series

We are undoubtedly facing a high level razor and you understand it already by opening the package. In addition to the various tools necessary for its use and maintenance, such as charger and cleaning brush, we find in fact an elegant casein which we can store it when it is not in use.

The Panasonic 900+ Series has a special six-blade head. The outer ones are dedicated to thicker beards, to be able to shave more comfortably. In the center we find instead two lifting blades, which are used to lift and cut the flattened hairs. Finally, we have a pair dedicated to finishing to create as close a shave as possible complete and uniform. Their operation is regulated by a special sensor, which perceives how thick and thick our beard is to increase or decrease the power of the razor.

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The whole is mounted on a cartridge absolutely flexible, which moves in ten directions. We will also have the opportunity to lock it through a convenient rear switch to better dedicate ourselves to more complex areas. The result is that in a few passes we will be able to cover the whole face, even the most uncomfortable corners.

Last, but not least, the trimmer available on the back side. With this we can easily carry out the operations of pre-shredding (if the starting beard is particularly grown), both go and finish some details in the best possible way. It is very useful for dealing with sideburns, for example, also thanks to the very convenient positioning in relation to the handle.

A quick, effective shave with a quick recharge

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Explore the main technical features, we come to the test. We tried it on a decidedly long and messy beard (specially prepared to put him in trouble) and the result was awesome. In just a few minutes we got a smooth face, as smooth and better than any other razor blade.

Before even starting, we wanted to verify the effectiveness of the fast charging. In fact, the promise is that in just three minutes the battery can be ready to face a shaving operation. A feature very helpful for the mornings when you wake up and find that you have forgotten to put the razor in charge.

Well, stopwatch in hand, we plugged the Panasonic 900+ Series into the socket and waited exactly three minutes. Expectations were not disappointed: we were able to safely complete the bulk of the operation without energy problems. However, we preferred to suspend the test to operate a complete recharge (about an hour) in order to be able to proceed more calmly.

The Panasonic 900+ Series features a design waterproof, so it can be used both in the shower and with foam or gel. However, we preferred to go for one dry shave, just to put it to the test in the most complex conditions. Despite this, however, he behaved in a dignified manner, returning an exceptional result.

A smooth and irritation-free face thanks to the Panasonic 900+ Series

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Once we turned off our razor (with still a nice charged battery, ready to face several days of shaving) we found ourselves with a smooth face, just like we wanted it. Not only that, but above all without any irritationdespite the aforementioned absence of foam and – if we want to take this into account – also the sultry heat of these summer days.

Also with regard to the trimmer for the sideburns, we were really happy: the positioning in the rear part of the head makes it very easy to extract and at the same time allows it not to get in the way during general shaving. Also holding the Panasonic 900+ Series in hand we can have a perfect controlwith optimal precision in detail.

The only minor issue we have encountered relates to some hard-to-reach sides of the face, despite the mobility of the head. However, this is a difficult problem to overcome in terms of design and that we are sure it will simply be solved familiarizing yourself with the tool. Once the Panasonic 900+ Series becomes our best friend, we can easily cover every corner of our face.

Once the operations have been completed, a rapid passage under the water (or a swipe of a brush, as we preferred to do) and then put it back in its case. He will be waiting for us there, ready for when a day or two later we need his services again.

Panasonic 900+ Series, a consistent price for a worthwhile product

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As we said at the beginning, this razor is undoubtedly a product of a certain level and this aspect is reflected in his prezzo. In fact, on the market it is available at € 449.99 for the version with cleaning and charging station or at € 349.99 for the instrument alone. Without a doubt, costs are not indifferent, which require careful consideration before purchasing.

Undoubtedly a lot depends on the shaving needs. It is a tool suitable for those who want a smooth look and who take care of their beard every day, cutting it completely. The speed with which it recharges and shaves, without leaving irritation but rather giving a smooth skin in a way bordering on perfect, makes it a ideal choice for those who have shaving as a fundamental step in their morning routine.

In short, a substantial investment sure, but for a product that once tried it will never make you want to go back.

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