Panasonic expands the range of high brightness projectors

Panasonic amplia la gamma di proiettori ad alta luminosità thumbnail

Panasonic expands its range of high brightness projectors LCD Solid Shine with the addition of the serie PT-MZ20with three new models joining the PT-MZ20K presented at the beginning of 2022. Indeed they arrive PT-MZ17 (16.500 lm), PT-MZ14 (14.000 llm) e PT-MZ11 (11.000 lm).

Panasonic introduces new high brightness projectors

Designed for companies, hybrid environments, classrooms and museums, the new range combines great brightness with simple configurations and a truly competitive price. The compact chassis from 22.3 kg and low noise (36db) allow you to adapt them to all uses.

The new series has an optimized optical engine with new 1-inch LCD panels, which with the pure white generator exploit the extra light for vivid colors and engaging projections. The series also includes focus (AFO) for any change in lens temperature and brightness and accepts 4K / 60p input signal.

Panasonic also supplied the projectors of NFC technology, which supports IP configuration without AC power. With the Smart Porjector Control app you can adjust everything via smartphone with extreme ease.

The series is compatible with optional Panasonic lenses such as ET-EMU100 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom, but not only. Also, you can avoid maintenance on eco-friendly air filter and get laser light for 20,000 hours of use. In addition, you have failover circuits and the ability to use the backup input to have redundant sources: never miss a second of activity.

In January 2023 2023 arrive: PT-MZ17 (16,500lm), PT-MZ14 (14,000lm) e PT-MZ11 (11,000lm). While the projector PTMZ20K starting from April 2023. For more information, please visit the Panasonic website.