Here is the new Vespa GTS from Piaggio

Ecco la nuova Vespa GTS di Piaggio thumbnail

After a long wait, a new one is born Vespa GTS, the bike of Piaggio which collects the legacy of the mythical “Wasp“. With the build quality we are accustomed to, a contemporary design and fourteen different colors, a reinvented classic is back.

Vespa GTS, the new Piaggio range is here

Vespa’s iconic stide in design is exalted with ben fourteen colors, mixing tradition and modernity with the attention to detail we are now used to. But in addition to the many colors, there are also four different versions not to be missed: Vespa GTS, Vespa GTS Super, GTS SuperSport e la Vespa GTS SuperTech.

However, they all come in two engines: iThe single-cylinder 125 i-get and the 300 hpe engine (High Performance Engine). Two of the Piaggio Group’s most recent engineering products to combine low emissions and low consumption.

The shell in steel gives robustness e dynamicityas well as sustainability (it is 100% recyclable). With the traditional single-sided design, but redesigned to guarantee enormous stability especially at high speed.

But Vespa GTS is also comfortable with the new saddle (also for the passenger, who easily places his feet on the ground). And practice: there is the sistema keyless to leave with the remote control in your pocket. And the SuperTech version also offers a display TFT a colori, but all have a new elegant but more complete instrumentation.

Vespa GTS prices start at 5.999 Euro of the GTS 125 version and from 6.999 Euro for the 300 hpe versions.