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Panasonic men: the company’s offers for beard and hair care

The figure of the man disheveled and too busy to take care of himself is an image linked to the stereotypes of the past. Contemporary reality is very different and attention to one’s physical appearance and, above all, to feel good about oneself, does not follow any prejudice, moral or gender. Panasonic he knows this well and that is why, within his vast offer of tech devices dedicated to the person, we find a rich and varied men’s line.

Beard and hair care occupies the base of the beauty pyramid dedicated to men. Water resistance, linear motor, intensity sensor, versatility and sharp Japanese blades are the main characteristics that are sought in a good razor, the same characteristics that Panasonic pays great attention to. It also joins these a modern design and high functionality to guarantee precise but at the same time delicate results. To help you choose from the vast and interesting offer, here is a list of the best Panasonic products dedicated to beard and hair care.

Panasonic GB62 body hair beard kit

Panasonic GB62 body hair beard kit

It kit Panasonic  GB62 it’s a jaw-dropping one 3 in 1 perfect for any need that is the definition of the beard, the cut of the hair or the shaving of body hair. The password, when talking about the Multigroomer GB62, is in fact “versatility“. Thanks to a practical ring nut, it is You can adjust the length of the beard and haircut up to 20mm while the three accessories, included in the package, complete the work. The beard, hair and body comb adapt to all needs and tastes.

In support of the GB62 kit we also find a reliable motor and a battery that offers well 50 minutes of use on a single charge, also ideal for taking it with you on vacation. A truly competitive price closes the circle of advantages and efficiency: only € 64.99 for a more than complete device.

Rasoio Panasonic LV67

Rasoio Panasonic LV67

The LV67 razor is one of the company’s most iconic devices capable of shave the most resistant beards. To do this, this razor uses a combination of ultra-sharp blades, a powerful motor and high-tech sensors. We find in fact five series of arched blades in steel inspired by the culture of Japanese samurai swords and able to guarantee a precise and rapid cut that does not fear the longest and most resistant hairs. The quick lift foil, as its name suggests, lifts straight hairs gently while the trimming foil ensures a second, closer cut.

The LV67 shaver is supported by an ultra-fast motor for a clean, long-lasting shave with a constant and uniform cutting speed. This technology, called linear, allows the razor to use stronger magnets in order to achieve 70,000 cutting actions with truly amazing results. In addition, to reduce the passages on the skin the Multi-Flex head is able to move in 16 directions to adapt perfectly to the contours of the face without pressing too deeply. All features that will make us forget the skin irritations typical of shaving.

Panasonic LV67 is now available on the official website at € 199.99.

Panasonic i-SHAPER GY60

For a more precise and defined approach, we have instead the Panasonic i-shaper GY60, the innovative razor dedicated to the details of beard and body. Thanks to an exclusive and elegant design with vertical blade, this razor guarantees a smoother and more precise definition, inspired by that of traditional barbers’ razors. The i-shaper is in fact characterized by a particular vertical V-shaped blade specially designed to remove unwanted hair even from the most sensitive and difficult to reach parts throughout the body and allows maximum visibility during adjustment. But its accuracy shouldn’t scare because the accessory Skinguard 2 mm constantly protects the skin of the most delicate areas.

For added safety, the blades on the inside feature wide and rounded edges that guarantee an excellent cut but stimulate the skin less drastically reducing irritation. The ultra-thin blade is therefore able to safely adjust up to 0.1mm, easily modeling the details and defining the beard. In the package we also find a special comb to help you further define your style and adjust the length up to 10mm. The icing on the cake is the waterproof design that allows you to use it even in the shower.

This small, precise and safe i-shaper from Panasonic is available for € 99.99.

Panasonic hair clipper SC40

With this extraordinary hair clipper, Panasonic has employed the most innovative technologies to provide 45 ° ultra-thin and stainless steel blades. These are supported by an ultra-fast and linear motor. Power guarantees thick and fast growing haircut for precise results and maximum comfort. This is also thanks to an exclusive design of the blades characterized by a larger space that allows you to capture and cut more hair with a single stroke.

All while guaranteeing maximum precision thanks at as many as 20 length settings up to 10mm to choose from to suit any style and need. The versatility of the Panasonic SC40 hair clipper is also reflected in the methods of use. The curved handle is specially designed to offer great handling and stability, essential elements for an orderly cut. It is also possible to use it without the cable thanks to a high capacity battery.

The Panasonic SC40 hair clipper is available for € 149.99.

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