Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

In this guide we will reveal many tricks and useful tips to improve in the multiplayer beta of the brand new Halo Infinite

Finally all fans of the most iconic FPS of Microsoft have got to try Halo Infinite thanks to the new beta multiplayer. Anyone who has played the online modes of the old Halo in the past will certainly feel at home immediately, but the new players they could have some difficulty in understanding all the features of the game. To help new users we have therefore decided to write this guide, where we will reveal you many useful tips and tricks to improve in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Master the equipment

Before we get started with our slew of tips and tricks we want to introduce you to one of the biggest news in Halo Infinite, which is the ability to assign your character a Equipment. These tools are very varied and will allow you to bring out the best in your play style. Also, the equipment will not always be all available, but sometimes will change according to the map where you are playing. For this reason we suggest that you really use these new tools a lot and learn as quickly as possible to use them all to the fullest.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Report as high as I can – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

If you are used to playing online shooters often, then the new one marking skills added in Halo Infinite will not surprise you at all. By pressing the appropriate button you can in fact make evident to you and your companions a specific point on the map, an equipment or an enemy. Furthermore, every time you report something you will also have the opportunity to see it written the name of the area in which it is located, thus making it easier for you to learn about the maps of the game. For this reason we advise you to use this function very often, as it will help your teammates and will also help you become more familiar with the game.

Learn to move – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Another new addition to Halo Infinite that you will surely have already seen in other titles of this genre is the slip. By pressing the key for squat while you are running you can in fact begin to slide on the ground at great speed. This technique is very useful not only for cover great distances in a short time but also for be harder to hit, and consequently you should use it as often as possible.

The jump instead of course it is not new, but it is still important to learn to master it. Jumping can help you avoid the bullets of an enemy during a close firefight, but if you do it too often you could become gods easy targets for snipers. This is why it is very important that you learn quickly when it is the right time to jump and when it is preferable to stay on the ground and maybe get down.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Juggle the Arsenal – Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

Sometimes in the chaos of battle it’s easy to get distracted, but it’s important to never forget what tools you have at your disposal. For example, during a game you will often end up having two types of different grenades at the same time and for this it is important to never forget which ones you have equipped.

Also during team matches it is also important keep an eye on your companions’ equipment. For example, if an ally needs one automatic weapon and you have two, he might be wise leave one on the ground in order to allow him to collect it. If, on the other hand, you need new weapons, you can use the new one scan function of your AI. This skill will allow you to analyze the surroundings as well see through the walls the position of the racks.

Take advantage of the grappling hook – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

The grappling hook is one of the new equipment included in Halo Infinite and will allow you to perform a large number of actions that are as useful as they are spectacular. For example, you could use this handy tool for grab the most powerful weapons from a distance or to quickly reach a vehicle e hijack it. Plus you can too hook onto enemies and dash towards them to take them out with a lethal melee attack. Before using the grapple, however, make sure there is a small one yellow sign on your viewfinder, as otherwise it will mean that you are too far from your target.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Get creative with the repeller – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

The repulsor is a very powerful piece of equipment that allows you to push everything from bullets to vehicles away from you. However, if you want you can use this tool creatively, for example pointing directly below you. So your character will be thrown directly into the air and you will have the option to hit your opponents from above or quickly escape from a dangerous situation.

Spy on your enemies – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

One of the most important tools in Halo Infinite is the little one radar located at the bottom left of the screen. This indicator will tell you the location of all vehicles and enemies (not crouched) close enough, and it’s crucial to avoid being caught off guard. Also, if you always want to know where the enemies are, you can use the new one threat sensor. This tool will show you the position of enemies in its area of ​​effect and, as if that were not enough, if you want you can also attach it directly to an enemy’s body.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Follow the Light Trails – Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

If you see an enemy that leaves some sort of behind sparkling trail, then it means that ran out of shields. An unshielded opponent is extremely vulnerable, and with some weapons you may even be able to kill him with one shot. For this reason, whenever you see someone highlighted by this effect it is advisable to try to eliminate them quickly before he can regain his strength.

Keep an eye on the racks – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Most of the weapons in Halo Infinite are placed on racks and, once someone has collected them, you will have to wait some time before they reappear. Fortunately, you can easily keep track of the time required thanks to the bar positioned near the hologram of the weapon. If the gauge is nearly full then it might be worth waiting a few seconds to grab your gear, but if it is almost empty then you would probably be better off looking for a new weapon elsewhere.

Also remember that racks won’t give you the exact same weapon every time. In fact, in every location they can spawn different equipment belonging to the same category. Therefore, if one of your companions has collected a very powerful VK78 Commando it is not said that whoever picks up a weapon after him will have the same luck.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Use Alt Fire – Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

Typically in FPS the right mouse button (or left trigger on console) is used to aim, but on Halo Infinite this is not always the case. In fact, some weapons in the game have one alternative fire mode which can be used by pressing or holding that button. Learning about each weapon’s abilities is essential to be able to play well online and consequently if you are a beginner we suggest you try secondary fire whenever you get the chance.

Be careful with the flag – Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

To win in large-scale battles it is important to maintain control of the flag but, if you are the one carrying it, you must always remember to pay a lot of attention. While you are carrying the banner indeed you will not be able to use any firearms and you can only attack closely. Furthermore running with the flag in hand will immediately signal your position to all enemies, making you an easy target. Fortunately, however, in case of need, Fr.You can always drop the flag, fight normally, and then retrieve it. Also, if you have equipped the grappling hook, you can always take advantage of it for retrieve it comfortably from a distance.

Halo Infinite: tips and tricks for multiplayer

Study Weapon Damage – Halo Infinite: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

Finally, we conclude our list of tips and tricks by talking about types of damage featured in Halo Infinite. The weapons of this title can inflict damage of a different nature based on their type and it is very important to learn about all of them effects. Below you will find a list with all the types of damage that weapons can inflict alongside a brief description:

  • Kinetic damage
    • Kinetic weapons are among the most common in the game and are those that fire conventional bullets. These wargear deal very low damage to shields, but are perfect for quickly taking out enemies without protection.
  • Danni Plasma
    • Plasma weapons are nothing new to Halo fans, but in this new chapter they have suffered a little nerf. These particular bullets are capable of taking down shields with very few hits, but they do very little damage to the body of the enemies. Also, unlike the old Halo chapters, these weapons are now no longer able to temporarily disable vehicles.
  • Solid Light Damage
    • Solid light weapons are very special indeed, as they will allow you to inflict equal damage to both shields and body. Additionally, the bullets from these gear can bounce off walls, making them perfect for taking out enemies hiding around corners.
  • Danny Shock
    • Shock weapons were first introduced in Halo Infinite and are based entirely on the removed feature from plasma weapons. In fact, these weapons do very little damage to both the shields and the body, but are able to deactivate the vehicles for a few seconds.

That’s all

This concludes our slew of Halo Infinite multiplayer tips and tricks. Now all you have to do is start the game and put all our suggestions into practice. But if you are interested in really knowing everything about the game, then we recommend you keep an eye on our site in view of the many dedicated guides that will arrive in the next few days.

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