Panasonic Multishape: from razor to toothbrush, in a single accessory

Panasonic Multishape: dal rasoio allo spazzolino, in unico accessorio thumbnail

Panasonic presented a modular system for male beauty routinewhich covers all needs: the new Multishape. A single central body but several heads that transform this accessory into a perfect all-rounder for every man. In fact you find un electric razor, beard trimmer, hair clipper, nose hair clipper and electric toothbrush. All in one accessory, which takes up very little space on the bathroom cabinet. And it doesn’t give up on quality.

Panasonic Multishape, a single accessory for all needs

One of the essential points for sustainable development (point 12 of the UN plan) is to reduce unnecessary materials. Panasonic then put together their own Japanese engineering with the attention of the international team to come up with an innovative modular accessory.

Instead of a dozen battery-operated or manual products scattered among the shelves of the bathroom furniture, a single quality accessory. One internal rechargeable battery, avoiding waste to a minimum. And a single central body to take with you on your trip to meet all your beauty routine needs.

Interchangeable heads for all eventualities

The new interchangeable heads allow you to have a grooming kit for all needs. In fact, the system includes five accessory heads, which can also be purchased separately. I’m:

  • Beard trimmer e hair cutter. A high quality blade allows you to trim your beard and hair up to half a millimeter. Perfect for precisely defining the edge of the beard, the hairline at the nape of the neck, the area around the ears or sideburns. The adjustment ring allows you to adjust from 0.5 to 20 mm, and you can use the accessory even in the shower.
  • Beard trimmer / hair clipper / body hair clipper. A perfectly sharp and resistant blade, allows you to cut beard and hair in larger areas, with a length from 0.5 to 30 millimeters. In addition, you can also use it for body hair with one of the four combs with which it is supplied. Also for use in the shower.
  • Three-blade razor. With the ergonomic shape and the three independently moving blades for a close but comfortable shave. Excellent for any beard style and also for cleaning the neck
  • Hair clippers for nose, ears and face. They are delicate where trimming is essential: the double-edged blades allow you to remove hair easily and with care. The Vortex Cleaning system allows you to clean the head simply by rinsing it.
  • Electric toothbrush. Two different sonic vibration heads, with ultra-fine 0.02mm bristles for thorough and deep cleaning. There is also a protective toothbrush cover provided.

panasonic multishape shaver min

Care for the environment and for your look

The new Panasonic Multishape it allows to eliminate waste, giving the possibility to change the heads without having to change the entire product. Above all, without having to replace the central body with the battery unless necessary.

A nice saving for the environment, as well as for our pockets. But without forgetting the attention to your look. Which you can take care of even while traveling without having to carry excess accessories. Only a single product, the result of the best Japanese engineering.

Panasonic will launch this product on the Italian market at June 2022. After seeing the presentation, we can’t wait to try it: what do you think?

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