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Simon the Sorcerer: Origins announced – the title will be developed in Italy

The developer Smallthing Studios and the publisher Leonardo Interactive have announced the return of the classic series of point and click adventures 1990s: Simon the Sorcerer is about to return with a prequel titled Simon the Sorcerer: Origins. Let’s find out all the details together.

Simon the Sorcerer: Origins, here is the trailer for the prequel

Here is the announcement of an unexpected prequel. Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Smallthing Studios have announced a new chapter from the classic point and click adventure series Simon the Sorcerer. The series debuted on FROM e Amigaand next year Simon the Sorcerer: Origins it will be the first title after almost 13 years.

Simon the Sorcerer games were known for theirs humor, comparable to the Monkey Island series. The first was developed by the British studio Adventure Soft and the character was voiced by the comedian Chris Barrie by Red Dwarf and The Brittas Empire.

Subsequently, Silver Style Entertainment took care of the quarto he was born in quinto game. A sixth game was in development phase around 2014; however in 2016 the Irish study StoryBeasts announced that he would be discontinuing Kickstarter because one of the key team members had decided to leave.

The game will arrive on different platforms, but especially on the Nintendo Switch. Below is the official synopsis available on Steam.

Simon The Sorcerer Origins is the official prequel to the legendary Simon saga.

The game begins a few weeks before the events of the first episode, which left players of the time with many unanswered questions about why Simon ended up in that mysterious magical world.

Origins tells what happened before the events of the first chapter.

Simon’s rebellious life will be shattered by his unexpected arrival in the wizarding world, where he will unleash an absurd and ancient prophecy that will cause a lot of trouble. During his adventure, the rebel Simon will do something big, obtaining a moral redemption and proving that he is not just a disappointment to his parents.

He will meet his guide and mentor: Calypso. Thanks to this meeting, Simon will gain a new friend who is extremely important to him.

The narrative and game paths unfold in countless ways without forgetting the fundamental elements of the saga: comedy and sarcasm. A strong link with these characteristics was maintained in the dialogues, situations and animations. Simon will often break the fourth wall by speaking directly to the players. “Hey, I’m talking to you, the future gamer I can magically sense and who is reading my game’s Steam page!”

Main features

  • Legacy: a story that travels through time, from a legendary past to a great future.
  • This is not a remake, guys: Simon the Sorcerer Origins is a brand new game with its roots deeply tied to the contemporary gaming world.
  • Splendida arte 2D: The images and animations of Simon the Sorcerer Origins, refined in every detail, allow the player to live his adventure in a continuous flow that goes from gameplay to cut scenes and vice versa.
  • Puzzle and comedy: the player will come across a wide range of puzzles of various types, will find objects to combine and all the oddities of the case to reach the skill of a decent wizard.
  • Original license: this is a canonical chapter of the Simon saga.
  • Easter Eggs: look for them because they could be anywhere, even in the description of a Steam page.

We will have to wait a while before we can start practicing magic with Simonsince the prequel won’t be out until 2023. At the moment Steam indicates the release date is March 28, 2023 but, for now, it may only be a temporary indication.

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