Panda returns to Pandino: the event is back in attendance

Torna Panda a Pandino: l'evento è in programma il 18 e il 19 giugno thumbnail

Everything is ready for Panda’s return to Pandino. The largest Fiat Panda rally, after 3 years of forced arrest, is back in attendance. The new appointment is set for 18 and 19 June in the province of Cremona. The event will welcome thousands of pandists who have long awaited the return of the event. Here are all the details on the new appointment:

Panda returns to Pandino: appointment on 18 June

The new Fiat Panda rally will naturally take place in Pandino, a town of 10,000 inhabitants in the province of Cremona, just over 30 kilometers from Milan. The new appointment can also count on one official social page which will allow users to follow all the news in real time. There is also the official site to use for register your Panda and participate in Panda in Pandino 2022. As anticipated, the event will take place on 18 and 19 June. The goal is to surpass the 695 Pandas who participated in the last edition of the event, the third, in 2019.

Panda returns to Pandino

The comment

William Jonathan, creator and organizer of the event, he commented: “A party at the Panda represents the revenge of the common car, the one that belongs to everyone’s history even if it has always done so in a too marginal way. The undisputed uniqueness of this event over the years demonstrates the existence of a close-knit community able to remain united even in such difficult times. Also because we must always remember that the Panda, if it didn’t exist, would have to be invented “.