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Panda Security: Find out if your email and passwords have been hacked

The violation of e-mails and passwords is becoming, nowadays, an increasingly frequent problem, unfortunately: but how to find out if our users or our credentials have been violated?

Data breaches affect hundreds of thousands of users at a time, often by simple means, and cybercriminals are hugely successful by exploiting the seeming harmlessness of tools that frequently go unnoticed.

While consciously using their devices, with all the necessary precautions, passwords and
personal information may be displayed or even offered for sale on the Deep Web. If yours
data has been stolen, any hacker could use it to access your checking accounts, assets or
get to steal your identity.

“We are at a time when the theft of data and in particular of access credentials is a source of money
very important for cybercriminals “, says Alberto Añón, Consumer Product Manager of Panda

How to find out if your personal data has been stolen

Panda Security offers a simple and free solution. Thanks to the support of WatchGuard it was developed
a tool that scans the Dark Web and checks if the information associated with your accounts is
been compromised: Dark Web Scanner.

“This new Panda Dome feature is the result of our customers’ requests and constant
need to adapt to an increasingly complex digital world. Panda Security is committed to improving
the services and security of its users continuously ”, adds Alberto Añón, Consumer Product Manager of Panda Security.

Panda Security: a long history linked to security

Dark Web Scanner can be accessed from your own account My Panda.

But, if you don’t have a My Panda account, it is not necessary to be a Panda Security customer to use Dark Web Scanner. It’s possible register for free and take advantage of this and other services from the following link.

For over 30 years Panda Security has been committed to offering the most advanced solutions to protect private users, professionals, organizations and families from the dangers of the internet.

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